Pearl is Forever on Trend

About Pearls

We all know that pearl is the only gemstone came from a living thing mollusk a group of see shell creature. Pearls can be characterized by their color, by its translucent or shapes. The more the perfect the shape or transparent, the pearl was, the higher its value.

Every time we heard pearls, the first thing that comes to mind is that is they are color white but don't you know that pearls are not just white? There are plenty of colors like peach/pink, black, brown, lavender, or blue. This variety of colors are can be found in freshwater. 
Freshwater pearls are from freshwater mussels produced in Japan and the United States. It also became exclusive to China because, in China, the freshwater pearl jewelry is more affordable, long-lasting, and has a lot of different colors than in saltwater.

According to myths, Pearls came from the tears of Adam and Eve after God cast them away. While in Ancient geek days, they say that pearls were the gods' tears. It also believed that if a woman wore pearl jewelry on her wedding day, it would stop her from crying. While in Roman Times, Pearls symbolizes wealth and high status.


Pearl is known as a June birthstone. It also believes that it has calming properties to aid purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty in its wearer. Azura jewelry offer this stunning pearl rings, this Solitaire Pearl Ring Set collection that will make you stronger to deal with day-to-day life and learn wisdom from the consequences. It offers protection, calms your senses, aids you to pick between right and wrong, furthermore cultivates a healthy note of self-love—this fantastic pearl ring designed from freshwater pearls and Gold vermeil, very affordable and worth it. 



Our Message 

Whatever the myths and meaning of the pearl jewelries, we all agree on how beautiful and majestic the pearl gems are. We commonly saw this beads wearing by our mothers, aunties, or grandma's, and you might feel like pearls are just for aged women, but many jewelers are now making beautiful designs! Suits for all ages, because pearls are forever trendy and never go out of style.