• Copper Turquoise Boho Ring
  • Copper Turquoise Boho Ring
  • Copper Turquoise Boho Ring
  • Copper Turquoise Boho Ring

Copper Turquoise Boho Ring

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A ring that makes you get lost in the seams of its dreamy blue. Taking on the free-spirited bohemian vibe, infused with the balancing moonstone and stranded over the delicate bands of Gold Vermeil, it sure as hell exhibits an otherworldly aura. Extremely sensational, you’ll fall in love with it day after day.


Metal: 14K White Gold Vermeil

*The base metal is ethically-sourced nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for sensitive skins). We add three layers of 14K gold/ rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. 

Gemstone: Turquoise

Origin: Turkey

Birthstone: December

Meaning: Turquoise is taken from a similar French word “Turquoise” which basically means “Turkey” as this stone first came Europe from Turkey.

Powers: Turquoise is seen as a sacred stone that dispels bad influences from your life and helps in dangerous situations. It is a purifying stone that brings power, good luck and balances mood swings. 

This is a great gemstone to wear after a long, tiring day of work as it eases tension and tiredness. This won’t only make you realize that you’re in good hands but will reveal your life’s purpose.

Band width:1.3mm

Turquoise: 10mm







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