• Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace
  • Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace
  • Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace

Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace

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To take control, you need to start small and to broaden your horizons, you need to put one step forward at a time. The Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace centers around living a more fulfilling life and attracts you to do something new everyday. With the necklace, you’ll feel drawn to give yourself some space and time to explore wider opportunities. 


Metal: 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil

*The base metal is ethically-sourced nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for sensitive skins). We add three layers of 14K gold/ rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. 

Gemstone: Black Spinel

Origin: Spain

Birthstone: August

Meaning: The name “Spinel” comes from the label “Spina,” a Latin word meaning “Thorn.” Which also refers to its sharp crystal form.

Powers: A wonderful stone for workaholics as it revitalizes you and combats all types of anxieties. This stone has got your back when you’re feeling down and helps you not give up under pressure. Moreover, removes unwanted toxins from your body, stimulating your energy back to face challenges with real toughness. It also sparks love, compassion and kindness in you.


 Chain: 16+1" in length