• Moonstone Teardrop Studs
  • Moonstone Teardrop Studs
  • Moonstone Teardrop Studs
  • Moonstone Teardrop Studs

Moonstone Teardrop Studs



Product Description:
Our Moonstone Teardrop Studs, mimic ephemeral tears and have been frozen into a glassy shade of the rainbow. The studs are made to move your soul to nourishment and to believe it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Metal: 14K Gold Vermeil

*The base metal is ethically-sourced nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for sensitive skins). We add three layers of 14K gold/ rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. 

Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone ( With White Topaz)

Origin: India

Birthstone: June

Meaning: This stone is named “Moonstone” after it’s moon-like opalescent lustrous sheen.

Powers: Moonstone inhibits the power of a new moon, blessed in physic perception and vision It gives the spark to one’s kundalini energy, boosts emotions while providing emotional balance simultaneously.

Also, found useful to people for nightmares and insomnia. It supports you in self-expression, love, self-acceptance and consoles those who feel helpless over whatever personal problems they’re facing. Besides, wearing moonstone may help infertility and stabilizing the hormonal system.

Earring size is 7x3mm

5x3mm Rainbow Moonstone

2mm White Topaz

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