• Opal Teardrop Studs
  • Opal Teardrop Studs
  • Opal Teardrop Studs
  • Opal Teardrop Studs

Opal Teardrop Studs




Our Opal Teardrop Studs, mimic ephemeral tears and have been frozen into a glassy shade of golden. The studs are made to move your soul to nourishment and to believe it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Metal: 14K Gold Vermeil

*The base metal is ethically-sourced nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for sensitive skins). We add three layers of 14K gold/ rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. 

Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal

Origin: Ethiopia

Birthstone: October 

Meaning: The term “Opal” is derived from the Greek word “Opallios” which means to see a color change, that also brings forward how Opal reacts to light.

Powers: Known as a brilliant crystal for physic development - it inspires you to explore your creative abilities with a peek into the future. A useful stone for meditation that creates a protective shell around you to shut down negativity from your life.

Earrings 7x3mm

Ethiopian Opal: 5x3mm

White Topaz: 2mm

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