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The holidays are fast approaching, and if you haven’t started shopping, don’t worry! Azura Jewelry is the perfect brand. We are here to make this unwrapping season extra special for that special woman in your life.

we know how hard it could be to get your friends, mom, wife, or even girlfriend’s style preference. This is why we’ve curated a gift guide filled with unique pieces of jewelry to choose from.

Our team has created a jewelry option that won’t break the bank. We are sure every woman on your list will be amazed by the jewelry gift this season. It's never too early to be prepared for the holidays. Give the gift of authentic gemstone jewelry from Azura Jewelry this holiday and show her how much you care!

Jewelry Gift For Her

That special someone in your life deserves a gift she’ll forever treasure. Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend or wife, these jewelry picks are unique pieces she will never forget.

Belle Amethyst Ring          

Captivating Belle Pear-Shaped Amethyst Ring cushioned with shimmering petite topaz gemstones and a slice of two petite baguette-shaped topaz gems. This ring symbolizes peace and it’s a great gift to show your loved one you cherish the peaceful and beautiful moments with them.


Tranquillity Ring                           

 A Mesmerizing Tranquility Aquamarine Ring with pristine trillion shaped aquamarine, lovingly laid with three topaz gemstones on each side. A lux feel of romance, calmness and confidence. This gorgeous ring represents serenity, clarity and harmony which makes it an amazing gift idea to show your loved one you value their harmonious relationship

Divinity Opal Tourmaline Ring

Divinely crafted for that special person, this ring has the opal daintily gravitating towards the pink tourmaline and white topaz to give her a supernatural sparkle. The Divinity Opal Tourmaline Ring expresses how much you adore and love her. A perfect gift she would appreciate.


Nirvana Amethyst Ring.                                         

This beautiful Nirvana Amethyst ring has the amethyst gemstone laced with white topaz at its peak for a shimmering look. This ring represents bliss and joy, which makes it a great gift idea for women who brings so much joy to your life.

Clarity Blue Topaz Ring                                      


Perfect on its own or can be worn with other jewelry, this breathtaking Clarity Blue Topaz Ring is sure to make heads turn.


Jewelry Gift For Moms & Daughters

Your mom deserves the world, so does your daughter. Check out the listed jewelry for the perfect addition to their collection.

Crescent Moon Necklace                      


The stunning necklace features a crescent moon solidly crafted from a stunning bar of precious metal perfect for everyday wear. This Crescent Moon Necklace represents empowerment and womanhood, which makes it a great gift idea for your mom and your daughter proving to them you appreciate their femininity.

Ocean Star Aquamarine Necklace               


The eye-catching stunner necklace features prominent triangular spikes laced with topaz gemstone, all coming together to give the star-struck look. This Ocean Star Aquamarine Necklace represents guidance and protection, which makes it a suitable gift to show them you will protect them and be their shield every step of the way.

Princess-Cut Square Colombian Emerald Ring                         

The elegant Princess Cut Square Colombian Emerald Ring features a ravishing emerald gemstone perfect for every occasion. This  ring represents unity and love, which makes it a perfect gift idea to show her you will always be with her.


Center of the Universe Amethyst Ring  

The dainty Center of the Universe Amethyst Ring features strikingly gorgeous amethyst gemstones revolving like a galaxy. A fashionable and timeless piece. This ring represents guidance, which makes it a perfect gift to appreciate your mom for her care and love.


Jewelry Gifts For Your Friends

There are many more unique stylish jewelry you can gift for your BFF and this selected jewelry will be a treasured one for your friendship bond.

Emerald Unity Ring      

Captivating the mind of jewelry lovers from time immemorial, this emerald ring is gorgeously designed into square-cut emerald cushioned by white topaz on its sides. A perfect piece for that deserving friend. The Emerald unity ring symbolises unity and reunion, and it is a great gift for you to show your friends how much you cherish them.


White Pearl Earring                                     


Dainty White Pearl Earring is crafted to clip firmly to your delicate ear lobes. Anchored by a golden metal to dangle freely and flow with the vibes. This ring represents wisdom and it’s a great gift idea for a friend who cares without judging you.



Venus Huggie Hoop Earring         

The beautiful earring is roundly crafted with tastefully finished ridges to give your friends that glamorous look all day. This ring represents bond and it’s a great gift idea for that friend who has been there for you through it all.

Chain Hoop Earring  

Let these elegant Chain Hoop Earrings strengthen the fabric of your relationship with its petite golden rings connecting one another, signifying strength and bond. These studs represent unity and it’s a great gift idea for a waxing friendship with your BFF.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Hoops!!  Did you forget or you’re probably waiting till the last minute to gift that special person? Or are you looking for a gift for that person who’s hard to please?  Purchase a gift card that will allow them to buy whatever sparkling piece of jewelry they long for. Azura gift card will let you digitally send your loved one a gift they can choose for themselves.


Which of these beautiful jewelry gifts would you add to your shopping list? Share your favourites with us on our Instagram page