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Our Story

Everyone has a story, don’t they? Stories often define who we become in life and can cause and epiphany that changes everything. Stories can guide us to our sense of purpose. My story has done just that.

My name is Angela. I grew up in China with a family that faced political persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist government. I experienced firsthand the terror of the notorious Cultural Revolution. My grandfather faced imprisonment as one of the top nationalist officers and my grandmother, a Chinese ambassador to Japan, was left emotionally paralyzed and humiliated after she was forced to shave her long hair in public. My parents were tortured and eventually exiled. As a child, I was taught to keep my head down, be still, and fit in. To do so was to save my life.

In college, I focused on going to work for a prestigious company someday so that I could provide for my family. Given how meek and insecure I was, I struggled to find my footing in a world seemingly full of confident and accomplished people.

As students, we were required to interview for jobs in our junior year. The night before my first interview I received a gift from my mother; a pair of earrings with six tiny, black spinel stones enclosed around a white topaz gemstone. The earrings reminded me of tiny flowers and made me feel special. They also ignited a spark in me for a love of jewelry, especially those with a story, and although I did not know it at the time, they were the beginning of Azura Jewelry.

Today, Azura Jewelry offers women a chance to begin a new story. Every creation of ours is meant to remind you that the one thing that you have that no one else has, is you; you are a unique, one of a kind, beautiful woman, with passions, visions, and stories of your own….and just like my story of those tiny little flower earrings, we hope to inspire you to bloom!



Your story just might begin by selecting one of our ethically sourced, sterling silver pieces. We add three layers of gold and platinum, which gives it that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. We then add natural precious and semi-precious gemstones — emerald, sapphire, opal, topaz, and moonstone — to set off your one-of-a-kind piece.

Each piece of Azura Jewelry is crafted in-house which allows us to cut out the middle man costs. Those savings we graciously pass on to you, as well as to support our charity partners.


Wear with joy,



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