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2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Our Best Picks!


We’ve arrived at the holiday season with lightning speed and it’s time to spend on our close friends, relations and family, or even compensating for some local causes. Holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year and is the moment to reflect back and set everything alright in unison with your loved ones. It saves you from the tufts of hectic life for once and provides plenty of space to contemplate about your close relations with a personal eye. Sharing is caring is the best phrase that describes the slogan of holiday seasons and we shouldn’t give up in the middle of it. You give some, you get some but the end results always have you grinning from ear to ear.

Holiday seasons bid you an excuse to go out and have a little nosey round in the shops. Whether your family home is hampered with monotony, your soul sister is close by, you can’t shake the thought of startling your boyfriend or you just want to torrent your parents with all you can get your mitts on, we’ve got you covered and there’s no time to lament now. 


A Personalized Charm Bracelet




Azura’s Aphrodite Initial Bracelet reminds us of the meaningful tie between two sisters. To enliven the memories again and put a mark to your friendship, this bracelet will make a beautiful personalized gift, plus it will be a constant keepsake of the fun times spent. You can create a bracelet out of these with her initials or her nickname, plus you’ll get brownie points for sharing a nickname that your sister gets pricked at. Come on, be a tease but keep it in limits and share the secrets nobody else knows except you two! 


Fill up the Foodies




Your parent’s house might be stuffed with a month’s groceries, and loaded with extra gourmet goods but it doesn’t hurt to spike the taste buds of your dad if he has a serious penchant for food. When it comes to gifting food items, always make sure to spend on a luxurious product that your dad won’t personally put his dosh in but the sparkle in his eyes would give away his craving. It can be a costly aged balsamic, some Italian cherries or better yet finest quality olives for your dad’s special dishes. Just make certain your dad feels important and try to perk up the humdrum of his daily life.


A Sexy Gift to Your Friend



Buying a bodysuit for your friend would never go wasted. It is the perfect thing she can wear under her dress to make her bod look fit and feline. Make certain the bodysuit is cool – not tawdry looking, yet feels comfortable while having it on. If you want to see your friend’s sly smile once more, this gift would do it.


Those Hard To Please




If you know your mom isn’t the one for ordinary gifts. A sleek vase on stilts might do the job for you. Such vases come in three sizes and look absolutely adorable in the middle of a table. It can be filled with fruits, flowers or even fancy ornaments. The beauty of this piece lies in its simplistic design and we’re sure your mom will hold you in a tight hug for this extraordinary gift. Even a gift like Dreamy Sunflower White Topez Ring can invite one of her most gleeful smiles.


Get Organized With Your Boyfriend




If you’ve got hooked with one of those guys who always loses something and doesn’t really keep a track of coins, notes, important cards, cars keys and other paraphernalia, then girl you need to get him a leather pouch wallet.   Make sure the wallet has zippered top or you could be the reason why his money keeps spilling, lol. A tanned colored wallet always looks attractive peeping from a boy’s pocket, so choose one in natural hues only.


Our Message


We hope you liked our take on the holiday season gift guide. We wanted it to be personal and something that will not only be handy for the receivers but would incite a slight bit of nostalgia. Make someone’s morning brighter with our choices this month.


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