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2017 Top Jewelry Trend

2017 Top Jewelry Trend

We would like to bid sayonara personally to statement chokers, earring jackets and fingers laden with rings. No doubt, these trends still make it into 2017 but nowadays, we’ve been hearing the chants of “the bigger, the better,” when it comes to the top jewelry trends of 2017.  Last year’s jewelry trends might seem too ubiquitous for many, but this time, you aren’t far from slaying.

Common Is the New Popular

Remember those days when larger than life hoops weren’t even given a second glance? Well, 2017 gave a huge shout-out to them and they are gigantically in demand once again. Finally, it’s time to nick out those dangles crammed into your jewelry boxes and don them with some aplomb. Bigger isn’t commonplace with earrings only, a whopper finger-ring is a style statement these days too.

While the topic of dangle earrings is hot and sizzling, you should try our Eve Leaf-shaped Dangle Earrings With Austrian Rhinestone. Encrypted with an ethnic vibe and a blue gem packed leaf shape, it sure is going to outlive your expectations and will fully pull together your whole look for a party afterward. We are proud of this jewelry piece and can completely agree that with it, other people might saunter off in envy.

The Enamel Goodness

IMG_5526.JPGEnamel technique was once found in antique jewelry but now, enamel drive is back with a splash and people are earnestly lapping in that new colorful twist of jewelry. Who might not go weak in the knees when stumbling upon a richly shaded yellow-gold jewelry with a bang of bold colors, textures, simple stripes, and solids pinning to it? Yes, this is the enamel technique with a contemporary touch.

Formerly, such an invention was only discovered in high-end jewelry pieces but now it has hit upon in traditional jewelry as well. Keep calm because this fad isn’t going to die down soon. In the heat of the moment, our Feather Fling ring will suffice brilliantly. It isn’t only noticeably large but is impeccable for the purpose.

The Pearl Impetus

Believe it or not, pearls are winning the war and we certainly aren’t gushing about the boring heirloom ones. This stuff is the real deal and has created an avalanche in 2017. Pearls have a particular opacity in their design and that is the hidden aura that pulls folks towards them. We have battled against the matronly image of the pearls and brought you Forever Pearl Drops. A heart attached with fresh water pearls, visibly makes a sight quite intriguing. Looped in your earlobe, this will obviously look stunning and will set you in a mood to have fun.

 Charms are Back in Vogue

People feel that through a charm, they are able to represent their individuality. It is a message for a keen-eyed to observe. In our opinion, charms have a rareness of their own when compared with other jewelry items and you can experiment with so many charms on a single chain.

Well, you can revivify your persona with our Aphrodite Spider Cobweb Necklace. Certainly not for the weak-hearted but can help you build that “tough nut to crack” kind of appearance. This piece has elegance, looks formidable and altogether holds an intricate feel. Caught in an 18.0 rope and polished to gleam till it gets tough to stare, this is a deal too hard to resist.

Geometry and Minimalism

Without a doubt, one department of jewelry got bigger, whilst the other jumped on the geometrically minimal bandwagon in 2017. Kinda absurd, right? You might be wondering which direction to follow when two such unalike styles bonded in 2017. Fret not! When you are priming yourself for a special occasion, you can opt for large jewelry pieces, but when you are heading outside to spend a normal day, throw on some geometrical designs like trapezoids, hexagons, rhombi and octagons, for that uber-chic guise! And to master minimalism, keep a light hand when wearing jewelry, simply, don’t go overboard and create rice out of everything. We do have one piece that is going to solve all your problems and won’t give a reason to throw tantrums. The Cleopatra Geometric Gold-plated Bracelet Cuff is just the thing to set off that classy appeal and give modernistic allure to your wrists. Think Sexy!

As an added comfort to your troubled mind, the Aphrodite Double-sided Square and Triangular Earrings can prove to be a superb option too. The triangular shape gives you an edge and you will appear ravishing in seconds, as soon as the first pair of lights will chance upon the clear crystals embedded in these earrings.




The Irresistible Hearts

We have spotted a million women swooning over heart-shaped jewelry. Well, congratulations to you because hearts are the next big thing of 2017 and now, you are freely able to wear them without feeling silly or too juvenile.  We understand that hearts are bewitching and not being “beguiled” by their charm is a hard job. That is why; we come up with the most exclusive designs and keep the latest trends in mind, so you can get into the rage before it all ebbs away. Similarly, our V Shaped Heart Pendant is fresh in stock and ready to be stripped off the threshold. What are you waiting for?

Final Words

“Always live in the moment and you will certainly get the gist of everything, be it fashion or everyday life.” We hope this post was able to produce that thirst in you, we develop every time we write about things all jewelry!