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5 Benefits Of Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Whether it’s a fashionable silver necklace, a beautiful ring, gorgeous earrings, or a stunning bracelet - with Sterling Silver, you can enjoy limitless jewelry options. It’s one of the most reached for metals among the numerous others available because firstly, it looks good on everyone, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and stands the test of time.

But this is not all, there are many more truths of sterling silver jewelry that will leave you inspired to build an entire collection. Keep reading for helpful tips and motivation!






Nickel allergy is well-known, hence the reason why people avoid this material because it causes redness, rashes, severe itching, bumps, blisters, burns (due to dry patches) and not the most ideal pick for sensitive skin.

Whereas, sterling silver is hypoallergenic and a safer choice for sensitive skin folks and anyone who wishes to enjoy wearing jewelry for a long time. Investing in sterling silver can be referred to as supporting an allergy-safe life that won’t cause reactions against your skin.





What’s the use of buying jewelry, only to have it break, come off, and fade in a matter of days? Sterling silver is the new norm of silver jewelry that’s long-lasting as it’s up to 90% pure silver and the rest consists of other materials (often copper) to increase the durability of this metal. And it doesn’t chip, fade, or break like cheap silver-plated jewelry, rest assured that you stick to a good maintenance routine.

Designers and jewelry makers are simply in love with sterling silver due to its malleability, strength, and beauty, which jewelers are taking huge advantage of and creating pieces that are none other than stunning! It’s a versatile metal that can be molded and shaped into the wishes, commands, and tastes of not only the consumers but the designers.

You can find trendy, traditional, timeless, classic, every day, modern, and vintage - every kind of style in sterling silver jewelry.





If you want to buy high-quality and durable jewelry, you don’t necessarily have to cash out big bucks. Sterling silver is actually a precious metal but at the same time does not cost a lot.

Sterling silver is a beautiful choice to not only create a capsule jewelry collection for yourself but stay under your budget. It’ll also make a wonderful gift for your friends and family, plus you can always treat yourself from time to time.

It’s definitely something that gives you a feeling of luxury but without the guilt of paying more than you can!


Easy To Maintain



Yes, you heard us right! Sterling silver jewelry lasts a good while if you upkeep a regular maintenance routine. We don’t mean to say you have to clean it every chance you get. Instead, care starts from storing your jewelry safely in zip lock bags (each item separately to protect against rust) or at least keeping them in their respective pouches, so that your items don’t go missing, are organized, and easy to find whenever you need them.

On the other hand, it is fairly easy to clean and we have discussed it all in our post of how to care for sterling silver jewelry.


It Is For Everyone



Yes, exactly! Nobody should hesitate or shy away from buying sterling silver jewelry because it looks beautiful on everybody. Whether you are a businesswoman, there are professional and formal looking pieces that cater to your niche.

Those who want to have everyday jewelry, there’s a no better option than to dig into sterling silver for minimalist rings, dainty necklaces, fine bracelets, personalized, handmade ranges, or simple earrings.

The sterling silver market is thriving and so are the trends! To build your own sterling silver jewelry stash right away, have a look at some of our products.


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