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5 Rules on Stacking Rings Attractively

The ring stacking trend has been here of late and shows no signs of getting old. Whether it is included in the latest 2017 fashion trends or not, people are finding it hard to take off their precious blend of rings and the game is still going strong. Stacked ring trend is all about finding your own unique taste and it is a way to bring forth your personality. You just need to combine modernity with minimalism in the shape of rings and midis. If your Instagram feed hasn’t been flooded with fingers laden with rings, I ask of you, “where you’ve been?”

Keeping a Balance

The first thing that comes to your mind when your eyes fall onto this trend is to find the nearest jewelry shop and buy as many pair of rings and midis as possible. Wearing too many or too less isn’t going to make the cut and you’ll stop short of making an impression. Instead, make a set of what you like best, keeping parity in your selection. Don’t pile on a lot, which merely gives the impact that you’re trying too hard! Mixing different metals like gold, silver and rose gold will be a good choice. Think of wearing five similar rings and one midi on your ring finger. We bet that will look cool. Trust us, if you are in no mood to mix and match, simply buy our Cleopatra Triple Layers Gold Ring which is a ready-made ring set for you, needing no decision.

Add a Surprise Factor

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring – even if it’s your signature look. Why not put on a midi of a brilliant hue or vibrant stones? That will be a pleasant shocker to people! We would recommend you to wear simple silver rings of thin bands and pair them with a midi that comes with an aqua colored stone in the center. Or you can wear a large ring as the main focus and embellish the other fingers with plain midis. Our Cleopatra Dainty Black and White Crystal Ring will make for a wonderful ring or midi, determining the size you pick.

Be Versatile

It isn’t necessary that you should only stick to the basic rules. Instead you can experiment as much as you like, since, there’s no limitation to designing your own personal collection. We adore one long ring in the lady finger and a smattering of plain rings and midis on other fingers. This adds a very modern touch to your hands, plus is being pulled off by females a lot recently. Have you had a glance at the blackened rings? Well, it’s time that you consider them because there is nothing swankier than them. Our Eve Gun-plated Geometric Ring with Rhinestone and Crystal will prove to be a great buy.

Flip It


If you aren’t liking the symbols on your rings, simply flip them over to put the plain portion in view. Some rings have geometric lines as the back. Try picking such ones to use them according to your moods. Also, while wearing rings, don’t forget your thumb rings because they are such a classy factor.


We hope you liked our take on stacking rings. We’ll be back with more drool-worthy tips and tricks for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.








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