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5 Tips For Buying Quality Jewelry

If you've ever wondered how to spot a fake gem from a real one or how to know whether you're buying good-quality jewelry, as a heads-up, before you shell out on a piece of jewelry, only to know it's not worth it? You've landed at the right place!


You might think buying jewelry is easy, it may be for some, but getting a perfect piece that stands the test of time is really tricky. Because agree or not, jewelry makes or breaks your look, it’s a part of your personality and if that comes off as cheap and tasteless, we have no words to describe what kind of impact you’ll leave. Better safe than sorry, yeah? Read our 5 important tips below!



1. Buying Gemstones


Birthstones, and relatively all gemstones, and semi-precious stones are really in for the past couple of years. To ensure what kind of gemstone you’ve picked and of what quality, take into account the difference between treated and non-treated (natural) gemstones.


Gemstones like Rubies, Emeralds, Quartz, Chalcedony and some other varieties go through color-enhancing or appearance-improving methods for them to stand out in their finest state. Which relates to these treated gemstones being less rare and expensive than a natural (untreated) gemstone.


Whereas, there are gemstones that are just imitations of the real ones and may look as close to the real thing as possible but would be just plastic, glass or a mix of less valuable stones.  


  • Check with the seller whether the stone is natural, synthetic or an imitation.
  • Check whether it’s heat-treated
  • Ask the seller about the quality of the gemstone.
  • Make sure you have everything listed down in a sales receipt.
  • Educate yourself on the guarantee and warranty of the jewelry.
  • Ask whether the item is refundable or replaceable if it doesn’t meet your requirements, make sure to get that listed too.
  • Learn how to clean and care for that particular gemstone.



2. Research


Online jewelry shopping may be a relief for those in a time crunch. But it’s not suitable to buy from every unknown Tom, Dick, and Harry in the jewelry business. Do your homework, as it will land you towards the best jewelry store.


Ask your friends and family for reliability! Pay attention to the products, services and any extra bonuses provided. Compare with other jewelry business to have a clear idea where you should buy from, what and why. Even reading reviews, helps with making choices that have been well-received by other customers.



3. Materials Matter


We’re not saying jewelry made from cheap materials isn’t beautiful, that’s what the local market thrives in. But when it comes to jewelry made to last, you cannot miss out on the quality of the materials used. Keep in mind that low prices usually mean poor-quality materials used, not to include overall low quality.


Instead of going for materials that are silver-plated, opt for sterling silver and gold as they don’t wear out easily. If it’s something plated or filled, inquire what kind of filling is included, such as brass or copper. Especially useful if you face any allergic reactions or sensitivity towards nickel.


That’s why we only create jewelry with high-quality materials, so it won’t come off in a matter of days and will stay with you for a long while, also to avoid causing any allergy. You get what you pay for!



4. Ask A Jeweler


Whose advice will be better than a person in the jewelry-making business? To get unbiased advice, either contact us at Azurajewelry. Even small jewelry online businesses or places you haven’t turned to yet can guide you accurately.


Check out our jewelry guide and care tips for more information.



5. Think Classy Over Trendy


It’s easy to fall prey to celebrities, fashion influencers, and latest jewelry trends making waves on Instagram. But don’t let that shape your jewelry choices. Over the course of time, you’ll notice these “trends” slowly slipping from “Ins” to “Outs”. Invest in timeless pieces, such as made from precious metals, revealing a simple design which still speaks volumes.


Sometimes, jewelry could be a reflection of your values. For example, do you own something that brings back memories? Has a story to tell (if not yours, then of the person who crafted that piece?) Maybe or maybe not! Don’t worry, there’s still time to get such pieces that define who you are as a person.


Our jewelry defines “strong woman” who isn’t afraid to take matters in her hands and prove those wrong who’ve failed her. Whether you’re a mommy, wifey, single or a busy career woman, our collections work for all of you out there.



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