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5 Tips To Pick The Perfect Jewelry Gift For Her

It’s one of those occasions again when it’s time to show your gal some love. Take a personal approach to woo her off her feet or if you want to take things slow with less of a surprise blow, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get to the perfect finding with a little detective work, take your spectacles and peer in close to our 5 tips to pick the perfect jewelry gift for her.



Her Jewelry Preference


Jewelry gifts for her revolve around many aspects and her preferences go hand in hand. Head straight to her jewelry box and observe what she likes to wear more every day. Is it a necklace, hoard of rings, earrings, or bracelets?


Her Jewelry Style


Does she like a chain, statement, or choker necklaces, are her ears pierced and what does she like, studs, hoops, chandelier or drops? What are her bracelets like, bangle, charm, mesh or rope? Does she wear large or dainty rings?

Is she a minimalist, vintage-inspired, or she leans more towards expressive, modern pieces? Our approach would be to choose a style that she can wear any day of the week, and something that doesn’t hinder her outfit, profession, or current jewelry trends.



Which Metal Type & Color Does She Like?


There are three main metals to determine, platinum, gold, and silver, as well as metal colors ranging from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and some other options. All these metals come with their own benefits such as


  • Platinum: It’s hypoallergenic, durable and tarnish-resistant. And low-maintenance too!
  • Gold: Available in different colors and karats! Resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish.
  • Silver: Durable and better cost-effective than the options above.


Most women wouldn’t care about the metal type but most would do. So, focus on what metals she wears daily and make a fail-safe choice.




A simple approach is the best especially if you’re stuck on what to make her eyeballs pop with happiness, our Victoria Lace Earring Hoops in rose gold will do the dew because rose gold is something a girl cannot refuse.




Something delicate would be the perfect highlight to your valentine’s day together. Our Seven Diamond Choker is classic and timeless, plus diamonds are a girl’s best friend.




A bracelet should be effortless, one that goes with any outfit and every mood. Our Moon and Star Forever Love Kyanite Bracelet will be the ideal bling to give to any women in your life.




Now, this is the trickiest item to buy and gift, particularly when you’re not ready to commit already. So for those folks who wish to tread lightly should opt for our Sur La Lune White Topaz Ring but those who have decided to ping the wedding bells must choose our Rainbow Heart Luna Ring.


Current Jewelry Trends


The best method is to steer clear of current jewelry trends because they come and go like seasons. Choose a versatile piece that always stays trendy and she can wear it without feeling left out.


Make The Right Pick



You can always ask significant questions without giving yourself away like what is her favorite color? or does she like yellow or rose gold? For gemstone jewelry, find  the gemstone of her birthday month and gift her a piece out of it. In the end, get the gift packaged with our lovely Azura boxes for that personalized touch.

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