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5 Ways to Decrease the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer


While you may not have control over your fate, family history, and aging but you can certainly reduce the risk of developing Breast Cancer by following our tips below. The mere mention of “Breast Cancer” can make your forehead crease with worry but nowadays, technology is getting better and scientists are coming up with improved treatments to cure breast cancer. However, you mustn’t depend on technology alone – you should practice healthy habits to keep yourself not only “cancer-free” but mentally and physically fit as well.


Keep a Check on Your Weight




Being overweight and obese heightens the chances of developing breast cancer in women, especially after menopause and those who gain weight as they grow adult. Becoming overweight does not only increase the possibility of various cancers but also makes you susceptible to many other dangerous illnesses and creates higher levels of insulin, which is connected to promoting breast cancer in females. So, make your body your priority and keep a close eye on your daily food intake. 


Work Out




Women who work out at least 30 minutes daily have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, plus exercising is labeled as “breast-healthy.” No need to start with intensive work-outs in the beginning. Gradually increase your workout routine to fit your body strength and need. Though a daily walk is essential, moreover it’s important for keeping your weight in check.

According to various studies, women who indulge in physical activity more after menopause have lesser chances of getting breast cancer than those who don’t. Physical activity does not necessarily mean exercising – it signifies taking an active part in house chores and pursuits such as bicycling, walking, swimming and much more.


Don’t Skip Your Fruits and Veggies




While there is no single vegetable or fruit that can magically prevent or cause breast cancer but yes, a good diet can be advantageous in lessening your odds of acquiring breast cancer.  A diet consisting of citrus fruits and other fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and strawberries are good at preventing breast cancer. Whereas, dark leafy vegetables, kale, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and onions can make a marked difference. Also, maintaining a low-fat milk and dairy products diet can assist you in reducing cancer risks in a big way.


Shun Smoking and Extensive Drinking





The ironic part is that both smokers and drinkers are aware of the physically destructive attributes of smoking and drinking – but nobody likes to make an effort until these bad habits become lethal. Smoking is involved in increasing the risk of almost 15 cancers, comprising of “breast cancer” as well. It isn’t only damaging for your heart but causes bad teeth, wrinkles, and an offensive breath.

As for alcohol, women who take two to three drinks every day have a higher risk than women who don’t drink at all. Sometimes, even low levels of drinking can be unsafe and increase the chances of breast cancer. If you don’t drink, you shouldn’t start and if you are an excessive drinker, you need to limit yourself to at least 1 glass daily.


Avoid HRT and Birth Control Pills




HRT stands for “Hormone Replacement Therapy” and it is taken by postmenopausal women to avoid the symptoms of menopause. By taking HRT for long-term can increase the risk of many diseases, including breast cancer, particularly those women who consume a mixture of estrogen and progestin. You must explore all the options of taking HRT with your doctor and keep a dosage that is as low as possible and is for a short time.

Also, one thing to be mindful of is that taking birth control pills can put women at increased risk of getting breast cancer and avoiding it would be your best decision. Similarly, it is good to have breast cancer screening, so that if there are any symptoms present, it can be cured in time.


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