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All You Need To Know About the Minimal Jewelry Trend

Minimal Jewelry trend has been on the radar list of many for long and we are going to reveal some tips to perfect it. This trend first hit the thriving accessories rack in 2016 and since then, there’s no looking back. Instagram feeds are still full-blown heavy with minimal jewelry, instead, we must say that 2017 has certainly polished our take on minimalist jewelry.

Find Your Style

Firstly, you need to recognize your personal minimal style. You can make your own signature pairing of dainty rings, slender bracelets, and lean necklaces. Whenever you choose minimal pieces, stay away from busy-looking items. Instead concentrate on clean lines, geometrical shapes and something containing very modern vibes. Minimal jewelry is great for everyday wear and basically, minimizes the worry of pairing new pieces with your clothes daily. Just find your style and have the ease of donning your minimal pieces in any moment you like. If you are looking for inspiration, our Angel's Teardrop Ring will come in extremely useful. 


If you are new to the minimal jewelry trend, understand the rules of stacking. Minimal jewelry is usually styled by stacking or layering different pieces together. For example, you can wear thin bands in all fingers and combine it with a single midi. Either, you can correlate the pieces together or can comprise different shapes and sizes, but in the end, the outcome should be simple and well put together. This stacking rule applies to all forms of jewelry. Buy our Aphrodite Bar Adjustable Bracelet which is a fine piece, to begin with.

The Parisian Look

Ah, the stylishness of a Parisian Look renders it hard to look away. Pull on a good quality white t-shirt with skinny jeans and mule shoes. You can pull the look together by wearing a delicate necklace or layer it with a smaller one. Put on some nice, slender rings and you’ll be good to go. This trend is huge because it is very simplistic and cool. To insert some extra oomph to the look, don a thin scarf to go with your necklace. Or you can turn long minimal necklaces into double chains around your neck, that would be awesome and oh so Parisian! We would recommend our Shimmer Sphere Pendant Necklace to start your collection.


When it comes to minimal jewelry, we cannot ignore chokers. You can choose basic velvet chokers or pick the chain ones, the choice is yours. Though, we must say that the elegance that comes from fabric or lace chokers is tough to pass off. You can also mix a bit of both by wearing a velvet choker and layering long necklaces with it. This mix and match of short and long will certainly do wonders to attract attention. We personally love layering and would recommend you to try it.

Go Monochrome

There is nothing chicer than going monochrome, just envision pairing minimal silver rings with a full on black attire. Monochrome never goes wrong and creates so much attraction if done with the correct jewelry. Our Aphrodite Spiral Earrings are simple yet stunning for a minimal appearance. If you are doubtful, try large silver hoops because they are the most coveted minimal jewelry pieces ever. 


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