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All Your Promise Ring Questions Answered

All Your Promise Ring Questions Answered

Call it a purity ring, commitment ring, pre-engagement ring or a promise ring because it puts a stamp between two people in a romantic relationship. Often, people mistake promise rings as engagement rings, when that is definitely not the case. Promise rings are used to put impact that two couples might engage in the future. It is a promise that things can lead to engagement or something particularly permanent between two lovers. Whereas an engagement ring signifies when two partners have accepted the marriage proposal and want to spend their lives together. Today, we’ll discuss what makes a good promise ring, from where the idea of promise ring popped up and on what occasions it should be used.


Meaning, History, and Trend




Promise rings date back to the 16th century and due to the publicity stunts carried out by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers - the concept got hugely famous and is considered a significant symbol to submit to a promise for a lifetime.

A promise ring can be used for anything like, a goal, a pledge of abstinence, as a reminder, a token of love, or just as a friendship forever keepsake. Bear in mind that promise rings should not be taken lightly especially between two lovers because it has a serious connotation of lasting love.


Can A Man Wear A Promise Ring And Can It Be Worn Daily?


Yes, both males and females can wear promise rings and there’s no problem in wearing it daily especially if the promise ring can withstand constant wear and tear.

Designs Of A Promise Ring




A promise ring consists of personal style, though it shouldn’t be too gaudy or fashionable so that it won’t create problems mingling with your outfit and your partner won’t shy away from wearing it. Promise rings are subtler and smaller than engagement rings and the main attention goes to the overall design of the ring. Azura has tons of promise ring styles that will help to shorten your research.




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Gemstones are a more affordable and pretty alternative to diamonds. Sapphires, rubies, white topaz, amethyst, blue topaz, emerald, aquamarine, and quartz make a beautiful promise ring. Also, due to the hard surface of these gemstones, they are resistant to cracks and much more durable than tender gemstones that can easily get chipped or break such as opals and pearls. Stay away from gemstones that can quickly get damaged by water.


Solitaire Style




A solitaire style is defined by a single diamond ring and is one of the most popular demands when it comes to promise rings. We think you should give this a shot since it is also one of the best styles out there. 


Trilogy Style




A trio or threesome of stones mounted together is the Trilogy style. The three stones represent the present, past, and future of the couple and this romantic idea would make a perfect promise ring.


Diamond Cluster Style




A Diamond Cluster Style consists of smaller stones compiled together and is cheaper than a solitaire style. 






Make your choices on the times your significant other will wear the ring. There’s no issue in wearing the ring every day but then your metal selections should be tough that can stand the test of time. Gold is a wonderful option since it’s stunning-looking and has a great long-lasting power but you can choose platinum as well if you’re looking for both beauty and longevity that suits your budget as well.


  • As in Gold, you can go for white gold, yellow gold, 9k, 18k, pink or rose gold colors.
  • Silver and Gold Vermeil are also handy options if you need to stick to your budget.
  • For every day wear, rings crafted from silver can get oxidized or scratched when in constant contact with water, dirt and rough surfaces as time goes by. Make sure you clean your ring on a regular basis to maintain the luster.
  • Infinity, single or entwined hearts are also certain styles of promise rings.


Other Considerations




If you cannot afford an expensive promise ring, no worries! Because a promise ring doesn’t necessarily have to be costly, it is just a sign to express faithfulness and that can be done with a cheaply-priced version too.


  • Since it isn’t a engagement ring, you don’t have to get down on one knee to present it to your special one. Rather gift it in the ring box and let the receiver open it.
  • Make your other one clear that it is a promise ring, not an engagement ring, so they won’t get the wrong idea.
  • A promise ring can be worn on any finger but if somebody is presenting it to you as an engagement ring on the basis of changing it to a more expensive engagement ring later, then it is alright to wear it on your ring finger.
  • A promise ring is also a mere memento between two partners, whether they’re miles apart or together.  


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