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Amethysts Are One Of The Most Popular Healing Stones - Meaning And Powers Explained!

Amethysts Are One Of The Most Popular Healing Stones - Meaning And Powers Explained!

Amethyst, the February birthstone for the zodiac sign Pisces and also the gemstone of 6th marriage anniversary holds great value in history. It is not only a cherished gemstone but also thought to possess a good many healing, spiritual, and physical powers that one can make use of by owning Amethysts. 

To further explore how you can too benefit from having this Feb birthstone and what you can expect from this gemstone, keep on reading!





There’s a fascinating Greek tale behind Amethysts. The term comes from Greek word “Amethustos” which means “sober or not drunk.” It’s an ancient belief that this gemstone relieves the wearer of a drinking problem and encourages a serious and sensible frame of mind. Drinking wine from a goblet or cup made of amethysts would not get one drunk and even keeping the gemstone beside one prevents excessive alcoholism. 

There are actually two tales linked to this stone that are almost the same but different when it comes to the purple color of Amethyst.


The Two Interesting Tales



Once the Greek God Bacchus or in some stories called Dionysus was completely wasted when he set his fury on a young virgin named Amethyst. The girl Amethyst asked Goddess Diana for help and in return Diana turned Amethyst into a shiny white stone. As soon as Greek God Bacchus became abstinent and found out about his reckless action towards the young girl, he instantly regretted and his tears fell into the goblet of red wine. The goblet overflowed and spilled onto the white stone that turned a gorgeous purple color that we know as Amethyst. 

In another tale, the Greek God actually poured red grape juice over the white stone as a gesture of empathy and gift, which turned the stone into a deep purple shade which makes us identify Amethyst!





Amethysts are found in Brazil, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Morocco, USA, Europe, and Russia. It is a popular gemstone and a symbol of royalty and wealth, and resides in royal collections of ancient Egypt and British crown jewels.


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Amethysts are very popular owing to their gorgeous purple hue and which is why they’re widely available on affordable rates. With these features in mind, brands have created all sorts of amethyst jewelry



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The Powers



Amethysts are not just beautiful to look at, but come with special powers to heal the mind, nourish the soul, and freshen your appearance inside out. Amethysts are associated with your crown chakra. Wearing this gemstone eliminates negative energy and thoughts, and brings about positivity to your mind and your life. 



People meditate with amethysts to rid themselves of any sort of stress, be it personal or work-related. Amethysts increase your work effectiveness, they inspire creativity and encourage you to be your best self. Amethysts help in open communication, bonding, realizing your true potential and most of all, keeping you sane through life’s toughest situations.


How To Care For Amethyst Jewelry?



Amethyst jewelry lasts a long time thanks to its durability and does not break easily. Though it doesn’t mean it won’t get scratched or chipped when in contact with other rough objects or during certain activities. Keep the surface safe from other jewelry or items that might cause scratches. 

Store in a jewelry box and do not keep it open in direct sunlight, otherwise amethyst would fade quickly. Keep it in a dark place and indulge in regular cleaning with a soft, muslin cloth and monthly cleaning with warm water and a gentle soap. Don’t wearamethyst jewelry when you’re doing housework, such as dishwashing and laundry. Avoid contact with chemical products, such as hairsprays, perfumes, and other abrasive cleaning products.


Our Message 


Although there’s no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of amethyst’s powers but like many other things, it depends from person to person. From our personal experience and from what we’ve gathered online, amethysts have made a big impact on the majority of people’s lives! Try your luck with our jewelry collection!