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Approaches To Stop Freaking Out from a Sudden Meeting


It is “every work from home type’s” most horrible nightmare that you’re cozily lying in your bed with your robe on and the faithful wire frame glasses. Your dirty hair is piled up in a top knot when suddenly your boss asks you to come up for a quick video conference to check-in. We have compiled up some great tips to ensure that you do not freak out in such situations and handle everything carefully.


Smack on Brow Powder



There’s no need to go for full makeup. Just take out your eyebrow pencil and start filling in your brows, make them finer and precise. Your handiwork shouldn’t be flawless, just play a few strokes here and there, you’re done. No need for mascara if you’re short on time because nobody will inspect your eyelashes. But do give yourself a dab of lipstick, the lipstick shade should be natural enough to not give a hunch.


Put On a Blazer




Well, who can see your pajamas? Only you, try to cover up the pajama top with a blazer which you keep firmly ironed in the closet. A sharp blazer with a crisp collar can do wonders to your appearance. Just keep it ready for such situations.


Go For Some Earrings



Keep your things nearby your desk drawer and go grab some earrings. Either it can be some simple gold studs or vintage clip-ons. You will look more graceful in a matter of moments. Our Shining Star Stud Earrings will be a perfect pick in such an emergency.


Have a Look at the Background




Don’t even give your co-workers a peek at the toy-strewn room or the piles of unopened mailboxes in the library. Fetch your laptop and take it to a room which is put-together like your living room or your dining room. You can try opting for TV tray table as your makeshift desk. Having a clean environment behind will make your boss not only notice less but judge you less. 


Consider Your Lighting




A room with lots of windows and natural lighting is always best; make certain everything looks bright. Also, don’t sit with light at the back or you will end up looking dark and your house as well. Yes, you don’t want to give your boss the scare of his life - keep things bright and lit.


Trick for Longer Eyelashes



If you have more time in your hand, you can utilize it for some vital stuff like curling your eyelashes or blow-drying your hair. Once, you put these things together, everything is set.  When you are doing your hair, blow-dry your lash curler and curl your lashes. Make sure the curler is not too hot. Sweep on coats of mascara and you’re done.

Mascara Rut




If you’re expending the mascara quicker than the expiration date, you must make sure the cap is tightly shut. Add the mascara bottle in hot water and it will turn the inside dried-up mascara into a liquid. This way the mascara will glide on your lashes almost like new. If still, the trick doesn’t work, try adding a few drops of coconut oil or eye gel in the tube, shake and use it. 




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