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Aquamarine Reveals The True Nature Of Your Partner - The Birthstone Of March!

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, thus becoming the lucky stone of ‘Pisces,’ which is a water sign, and has some parts of the Astrological sign ‘Aries’ under its wing as well. 

Aquamarine gemstone jewelry is absolutely gorgeous!. It’s known for its calming powers and has a rich historical background, connected to various folklores, legends, and myths. Apart from that, this gemstone has a lot of uses. Also, if you own aquamarine jewelry yourself, we have included cleaning and maintenance tips in this post, so you can care for your stone with an informed approach.


Meaning & Location



Aquamarine is related to all things water and gets its name from the Latin term ‘Aqua Marinus’ which means ‘water of the sea.’ It’s known for its striking ocean-like color. Aquamarine belongs to the blue variety of the beryl family, much like an emerald. It’s ‘bluish-color’ is developed by the iron oxides present in the chemical nature of this stone. 


Aquamarine is an affordable stone, but it’s deeper blue members come at a high price. Most high-end jewelry brands heat-treat aquamarine for a deeper shade of blue. However, raw aquamarine is more powerful and contains the most benefits in its natural state. 


The majority of aquamarine available on the market is imported from Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Russia, India, Afghanistan, The United States, Nigeria, and a few other countries.


Properties, Uses, & Our Collection



In the olden times, couples wore aquamarine to build true love rather than lust. This is connected to the moon and harbors the healing and calming nature of the sea. If you’re looking to rebuild your relationship on firm grounds, aquamarine is a great stone to invest in. It eliminates deceit, mends broken hearts, reveals the true nature of your partner due to this gemstone’s forecasting ability and most importantly, is a beautiful symbol of pure love. 



We have dedicated an entire jewelry collection to aquamarine, which also happens to be among our bestsellers. We have aquamarine rings for tying the knot, and aquamarine necklaces like our Ocean Star Aquamarine Necklace to make a gift to your special someone on days special to both of you. 



Aquamarine is best used as a token of love. In this case, an aquamarine promise ring or an aquamarine engagement ring would be perfect to take your relationship to the next level. Take a look at our Invisible Crown Aquamarine Ring





This is one of the most popular and powerful healing stones. If you practice meditation, it’ll be an immense help for clearing your mind and fills your heart with joy. This gemstone has a harmonious aura, it’s energy is not quiet, rather it’s playful and makes you more active physically and mentally. 


It removes conflicts over small things and cools temper! This is responsible for letting you explore your deepest darkest nature and your personality. Even you will be surprised to know yourself through the eyes of this stone. This enhances your personal energy, wisdom, and psychic abilities. 


Cleaning & Caring



Aquamarine is available in many unique cuts, but more popular cuts of this stone mimic an emerald’s cut, ovals, and pear-shaped cuts. This is relatively easily available with a wide price range and is a durable stone with a rate of 7.5 on the Mohs scale. 


However, that does not mean you should become lax over the cleaning and care of this stone because exposure to sunlight can cause fading of the stone. Also, this can break and chip if not taken due care. 


To maintain your aquamarine jewelry, only use lukewarm soapy water and a soft toothbrush for cleaning, and only use plain water to rinse it. Avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents. Keep it away from the sun, temperature swings, steaming, boiling, hot water, cosmetics, perfumes, hair sprays and any products containing toxic ingredients!


Our Message


Maintenance goes a long way to ensure the life of your jewelry. Always keep jewelry in the brand's accompanying pouches or boxes, and tend to them according to the company’s instructions.


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