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Blue Topaz – What Lies Beneath the Most Sought-After Stone?


Topaz comes in different variations of colors but blue topaz is the most popular stone available in the market. Topaz is heat treated and goes through a variety of irradiating processes from a colorless state to a brilliant blue hue ranging from swiss blue, London blue, sky blue and much more. The bluey vividness of the Topaz reminds you of the ocean and the blue sky, hence therein lies its connection with nature. It is a term that originates from the Greek word "Topazion" which might have come from the Sanskrit tapas implying "fire." To dig deeper into the rich properties and powers of Topaz, continue reading below.


A Spectrum of Blues

Blue Topaz might be mistaken for aquamarine but it has a much stronger and clear blue than aquamarine itself. The value of blue topaz increases if its brighter in color and has good transparency. Not every blue topaz lies in the same bright blue category, rather some stones give off dissimilar tones, here's how.

Sky Blue Topaz

This is mostly used as a less costly alternative for aquamarine since it has the same blue shade as that of a clear sky.

Swiss Blue Topaz

This topaz is profoundly similar to sky blue but is much darker in tone and is the most famous blue topaz shade.

London Blue Topaz

Not only this Topaz is running short on the market but has the highest price in all Topaz types. It contains an inky dark grey color with a green – almost turquoise tinge to it.

Location, Cuts, and Precautionary Measures

A naturally occurring blue topaz is tremendously rare and has a very pale blue tint to it, whatsoever. That is why the majority of the blue topaz found today is treated and reputable jewelry retailers put out a statement as well. The treated blue color doesn't fade and the structure doesn't get affected either. However, it does not signify that you shouldn't take proper care of your topaz jewelry.  Like all crystals, topaz is brittle and should be kept away from extreme temperatures, steam cleaning, ultrasonic and harmful chemicals. If you really wish to clean it, simply use a damp soft cloth and a bit of a mild soap to rub away any wear or tear.
Topaz is found in South Africa, USA, Pakistan, India, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Sri Lanka. Blue topaz is one ethereal stone and its synthetic acceptance worldwide makes it so widely appealing. Topaz is extremely versatile when it comes to its shapes since it can easily be cut into a pear, round, marquise, triangle, and oval forms. To determine whether a blue topaz is of high quality or not, simply assess the clarity of the stone, the brightness of the blue and the skillfulness of the cut.

Importance and Powers

The icy blue depths of the topaz are associated with knowledge, learning, and creative inspiration. We were quite surprised that it is also referred to as the "writer's stone" and helps with writers’ block. It improves your ability to think, enhances the way you express yourself, moreover motivates you from any restraints that stop you from being yourself!


We all are aware of the fact that blue color brings a sense of calm and peace. It represents the shores of the ocean and how they overpower any feelings of negativity. It will soothe away your inhibitions, your fears and any restlessness that lurks in your heart.


Blue topaz doesn't only settle your frayed nerves but promotes love and friendship. It assists you to connect with your other one emotionally and aids in building an honest relationship. If you're on tenterhooks merely due to a personal relationship, try gifting topaz jewelry to your special ones for signaling a sign of harmony.


Blue topaz is also a birthstone for the month of December and is the gem for the 4th, 16th, and 19th wedding anniversaries. These days should be marked with love, romance, and friendship by sharing presents consisting of topaz jewelry.

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