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Emerald - The Birthstone Of May Possesses Magical Powers!

Emerald - The Birthstone Of May Possesses Magical Powers!

People have appreciated the lush green depths of Emerald since 4000 years back. Emerald is the birthstone of May and in certain cases, more valuable than a diamond. Different cultures and religions are not unknown to the beauty and fascination of this gemstone. In fact, emeralds are part of history and folklore so captivating, all that combined makes the emerald super valuable.

Apart from history, May’s birthstone possesses some excellent mythical powers which the people, both from the past and present talk about. Today, we’ll discuss the charming qualities of an emerald and why it’s not just a possession, but a powerful and precious stone of sorts.


The Meaning Of Emerald



Emerald, the name stems from the old French word “Esmerelde, or so happens to be a Greek Word, “Smaragdos.” In simple words, both these terms mean ‘green’ and that’s how the name of this gemstone came about. Another thing to note is while this is a birthstone of May; it’s the anniversary gemstone for the 20

th year of marriage as well. According to the birth review of the stone, this imparts a message of a perfect blend of romance and everlasting love.


The Magical History and Powers of Emerald



Emerald continues to be a highly sought after stone, whether you dig history to get a proof or consider modern-day celebrities who treasure emeralds just as much as in the olden times. Sticking to the former, let’s take Cleopatra for an example. Emerald was her favorite gemstone and her ancient mines of Emeralds were rediscovered near the Red Sea about 100 years ago which marks the earliest instances of this stone. 



The Romans adored Emeralds, so much so that an ancient scholar Plier described them as “nothing greens greener.” He says that he found emeralds to be the only gem he never got tired of looking at. The color emerald green revived his eyes, these were the words Plier used to glorify this seductive gemstone. Shah Jahan, the founder of the Taj Mahal, and the other Moguls of India loved emeralds dearly. 

They had the stones inscribed with sacred texts and would don them as talismans. Some of these inscribed stones can still be found in museums today. Jahangir, the Mogal Emperor owned a cup made of Emeralds, which exists in the New York Museum of National History now.



The ancients used to associate Emeralds with ‘Venus’ who was the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Emeralds are thought to promote a love of a lifetime, It eradicates unfaithfulness, and keeps the heart of the lovers loyal as long as they live. 

Emeralds are popular all over the world. The vibrant green of the Emerald stands for peace, youth and timelessness. It’s the holy color in Islam. Green is also the color of utmost importance in the Catholic Church.


The Healing Powers



The Egyptians wore Emeralds for protection. Wearing this alone promotes constancy and endurance, which makes emerald jewelry one of the best gifts to share with your loved ones. Some say that wearing emerald rings helps with poor eyesight and eye inflammation. We have an emerald ring in our May birthstone jewelry collection which happens to be a bestseller as well. The Princess Cut Square Colombian Emerald Ring is styled with 14k Gold Vermeil. You can avail this in sizes ranging from 5 to 8 with free shipping and free return policy, too!



Emerald’s healing powers are linked with the mind, body, and soul. It refreshes your eyes, cures many ailments including ulcers, heart disease, burns, skin disorders, body malfunctions, cancer, different kinds of fevers, nausea, indigestion, anemia, asthma, high blood pressure and depression among many more diseases. It is thought emeralds help for easy childbirth. They prevent certain bad conditions in children.



Emeralds bring harmony, they are cleansing for the body and erase toxicity from your life. Whether you seek detoxification, a release from the negativity in your life, and a positive frame of mind, wearing emeralds covers everything for you. They restore your faith in God, hope, and seeing the good in others. Plus, emeralds are great for you to become a better version of yourself. It encourages you to lead a healthy life and think healthy.


Our Message 


Though, you must have faith in emeralds for them to work for you. That’s the end of our post. To stay updated with informational content like this, subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.