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Everything You Need To Know About Tanzanite Jewelry

Jewelry is a beautiful discovery, it allows you to express yourself, beautify yourself and most importantly show off your personality. And when jewelry finds meaning, then nothing can beat the sentimentality. Similarly, jewelry is incomplete without its precious gemstones to fine-tune it and today’s ideal gemstone to discuss is Tanzanite.


What Is Tanzanite & Who Discovered It?




Tanzanite, also known as blue Zoisite, belongs to the silicate family because it’s a calcium aluminum hydroxyl silicate. According to Tanzanite history, it was first discovered by a group of Masai Tribesmen at Merelani Hills below Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 who considered it as a “Gift From The Gods.”

These gemstones were nothing more than brown rocks when they were discovered. Only to have a lightning strike cause a brush fire that brought out the true striking blue color of these gemstones.

These tribesmen relayed the story to a fortune-hunter named Manuel d’Souza, who was quick to pick on the striking blue deposits, assuming them to be blue sapphires. He took little time to register mining claims with the government and the word spread like wildfire, attracting additional mining claims, all located near the deposits.

Nobody was sure at this rate what these stones were but their seemingly blue color represented invaluable worth. And some investors were showing a ravening desire for this new discovery and one of those investors were Tiffany & Co who took this gemstone to completely new levels.




Blue Zoisite took the jewelry world by storm, rivaling the blue-y depths of sapphires and Tiffany & Co took it in their hands to further introduce this gemstone by offering enchanting tanzanite jewelry pieces, turning the name from “Blue Zoisite” to “Tanzanite” so it could resemble the one mining place it came from and as a marketing strategy too.

All these turns of events resulted in Tanzanite gracing the public eye, settling as a great substitute for sapphires and earning the advertisers huge amounts of profits.



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Facts About Tanzanite




  • Tanzanite is rarer than diamond because it can only be unearthed in Tanzania. It goes through a number of processes to serve it in its proficiently bright blue cut glory and balance the durability of this gemstone.
  • When you view Tanzanite from different angles, it showcases different colors, which is why it’s known as a pleochroicstone.
  • Tanzanite weighs 6 - 7 on the hardness scale.
  • A natural zoisite actually comes in a range of various colors, from grey, yellow, blue, brown, green, to pink and violet. Whereas the name “Tanzanite” only refers to the particular purplish blue zoisite.
  • It is very rare to find Tanzanite in its natural blue shade, a majority of them are heat treated to enhance the coloring of the gemstone.
  • Tanzanite is a gem of the 24thanniversary and is the birthstone of December.
  • Even though Tanzanite is present in various shapes, cushion and oval cuts are the most popular.
  • Tanzanite featuring deep blue or deep violet-blue hues are the most valuable stones and regarded highly by jewelers and collectors.


Healing Powers Of Tanzanite





"Please note all information stated here is solely for informational purposes only. It relies upon our research and isn’t based on any proven medical records.”


  • Tanzanite is a natural birthstone for those born in December when one awaits a new year, a new beginning and a new start. This stone will be lucky to embrace everything fresh in your life with trust, patience, and faith.
  • It is believed that this gemstone is particularly important for Aries and Pisces. You can buy some Tanzanite gemstone rings and wear them as part of your everyday jewelry to be healed by its illuminance and sparkle.
  • Blue and Violet gemstones are meant to be wonderful for spiritual healing. It connects deeply with your inner strengths, spiritual guides, angelic realms, and higher consciousness.
  • Wearing Tanzanite gemstone helps to dispel negative energies and brings you closer to people that have your best interests at heart.
  • Tanzanite plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system, improving general body health, supporting healthy hair and detoxifying your blood. Also, it assists to calm down an overburdened mind.



Our Message


Tanzanite is an impressive gemstone of a lot more capabilities than what we’ve mentioned in this post. We’d ask you to take good care of your tanzanite jewelry, stacking rings or dainty rings if you own any and avoid chemical-based cleaning.

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