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Finding Your Own Jewelry Signature Style


There are no hard and fast rules to finding your own jewelry signature style – in fact, it is all about when a certain item clicks. Even not morphing your daily selection of jewelry can be merely seen as finding your own jewelry signature style. However, wearing the same bits and bobs constantly should be a reflection of your personality. Signature styles are applied to let people know the real “you” behind your every getup – it is a beautiful art of putting a piece of your persona on display. To sharpen your skills at developing your own jewelry style statement, you must be aware of what looks good on you and puts you at ease the moment you fasten it on.






Among a cluster of different jewelry pieces, choices, pricing, and your personal taste – setting up a jewelry signature style requires a bit of care and judgment. You might get confused pairing one or two pieces from a large collection of jewelry with your outfits. To spare yourself the uncertainty, stick to pieces that you lean towards all the time. Divide your jewelry signature picks with terms that outline the type, element, and style you want to wear regularly and make certain to wear one piece at a time.






Your signature style shouldn’t attract a series of yawns from the onlookers; instead, it should be something that calls for attention every time you pull it on. Stick to one thing, for example, if you like to wear rings more than all the other jewelry pieces, then make that your signature piece. A trio of rings, smatterings of midis, or a collection of minimal, geometric rings on your fingers can really make that signature cut. We would highly recommend you to try our unique Trio Stackable Ring which would look impeccable with nearly all kinds of dress choices.






This focuses on deciding the jewelry materials you want to go for and making it the “focal point” of all the jewelry pieces you wear. If you settle for pearls, you’d want a pearl ring, pearl bracelet or a pearl necklace. Pearls are a great way to creating your signature style because they complement almost all styles of dresses, whether they travel from formal to preppy. Our gorgeous Angel's Teardrop Ring features a lovely pearl in the center which will be suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

You can also form your signature style through metal and if you choose one metal for all your jewelry - it assists to build synchronization between all of your jewelry items which automatically helps you to make better jewelry decisions and coordination. Opting for a silver ring, with a thin silver band, and a charm bracelet is excessive but it won’t look strange on you as long as the metal matches.  






If you’re a modernist at heart and your jewelry wardrobe depicts that, then it won’t be a problem finding a signature style for yourself. Contemporary designs would include delicate layered necklaces, leather charm necklaces, tassels, hoop earrings, cuffs and much more. Modern jewelry is no mean feat to get, since now such designs are readily available. As for going vintage or retro, you might need to explore your family heirlooms, deeply hued stones or something that is inspired by flora and fauna that dates back to 20 years ago. No matter your style, it becomes signature once you wear a lot of it.


One Piece




As vogue puts it “Go big or go home.” 2018’s jewelry trends are all about the big, the bold, and the fun, and your jewelry choices should remain in the latest design trends. Though, if you are a fashion minimalist and don’t want to cross the limits of your budget, you might enjoy making a style statement with a mere single piece of jewelry.

Make sure it’s a big gold, geometric cuff, a chunky ring or a multi-strand pearl necklace since this style is not for the meek. If you put a good amount of cash on a single piece of jewelry, then you won’t only be able to get a high-quality item but you will feel inspired to wear it every day.  Your signature piece needs to be inclusive and should represent your individuality so that it can go with any of your attire.  


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