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Five Highly Wearable Fashion Fall Trends 2018

Five Highly Wearable Fashion Fall Trends 2018

It’s that time of the year again where fall is everything but vice! Time to dig into your goodness-filled ripe moisturizers, burgundy lipsticks, rich-colored coats, scarfs and chokers. This year, Autumn vividly projects the 70’s era with a major focus on burnt oranges, reds, creamy whites, bold blues and dusky grays! Either you can repurpose some of your existing autumn attires to an updated taste of these fall trends or invest in the new trendy autumnal gears to be a modern walking vision. For us, trends are all about finding your niche and dictate them into your wardrobe according to your style.


Over-sized Blazers




Whether it was the entrance of over-sized blazers presented in creamy reds or strict gray classic check ones. Both representing chic work gear that can be incorporated beautifully for evening wear or as a lovely cover against the chilly wind as well. If you’re scared of trying new things, generally trends - opt for the simplest and most sensible ones. These blazers not only shout “girl-boss” but stay in your comfort zone too. Pair these with minimal jewelry pieces like our Seven Black Diamond Choker and you’ll be all set for work!


Cowboy Boots




This is a must-have item, almost a statement when it comes to autumn/winter wear. This fall, models have been seen walking down the runway in cowboy boots of every quirky design possible and if you haven’t gotten your hands on the plaids one, you’re missing out big time. Pair cowboy boots with pencil skirts or high low dresses for vintage, bohemian vibes. Final touches can be added with our London Blue Topaz Teardrop Studs, keeping you in the mainstream while you strut around like a Prima Donna!


Cowl Necks




Whether it comes to tops, sweaters, jumpsuits or dresses, cowl necks are prevailing like the wind. This trend shouts contemporary, endorsing the wearer with seriously, sexy feels. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? From the office to party and back again, put on this style in neutrals and you’ll be slayin’ hard! Cowl necks with leather pants look cutting-edge but when you complement the look further with our Moon and Star Forever Love Kyanite Bracelet, then it’s You against the world. Go on, Girl!






Believe us, on the ramp, Red was everywhere from head to toes! Not the flashy, angry kind that makes you stay indoors for the rest of your life but workable tones that can easily be worn around town. Red gears are immediate mood lifters and brighten up your complexion like nothing else! To include the shade of romanticism in your wardrobe, try red suit pants and tone it down with creamy whites. To appear less of a hooker and more of a looker, start slow with red bags, scarfs or even red gemstone jewelry like our Dreamy Sunflower Red Garnet Ring. Get the feel of this color before you go full red riding hood!


Statement Coats




Statement coats are currently the “it” staples right now and honestly, they never go out of style. If you really wish to appear ultramodern without trying too hard, full-length coats are the way to go. Choose from subtle to burnt orange colors and trust us, you’ll be turning heads! Whether you’re dressing up for work or attending a night event, they’re! Opt from duster coats to fur statement coats, leopard prints or wildly-colored fluffy ones, nobody can beat you at your own game.


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These items are on the front-burner right now and we personally appreciate all of them. We hope you enjoyed our deets on the most worn Autumn Fashion Trends. To read similar content, subscribe to our newsletter and get notified every Wednesday. See ya!