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Five Prettiest Spring Color Trends Of 2018

Five Prettiest Spring Color Trends Of 2018

You’ve got winter for the rusty, vintage garbs, Autumn for tuning into berry and mahogany outfits, summer for donning the collections of bright and pastels and now, we present to you the Current Spring Color Trends of 2018. They’ve got more bubble and verve than before. This spring’s color palette has two different sides, one hints on the vibrant, splashy part and the other one leans on light, pastel hues featuring flowy, structureless gears for a more subtle look. At first, we thought this Spring will be another take on the florals but gladly, the fashion runways didn’t make it the only sartorial marker of the season.






We know that Ultra-violet made it to the Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year but we didn't know purple will be introduced in all its striking glory. We get it that wearing purple gives that "in your face" kind of vibe but to soften the look, you can choose from light purple to lavender hues to pull a glamourous look. Purple is a shade to experiment with and luckily, it can be mixed and matched with various colors beautifully. A garment that gets billowy when you walk or a light purple clothing would set you off impeccably this season.


Sky Blue




Depicting a blue that eloquently matches the color of the sky - you simply cannot go wrong with the soft appearance of this color trend. It will look amazing on short or mid-length dresses, just keep your choices floaty, not only for the sake of the summer heat but to do justice to sky blue as well. Ever thought of wearing a blue blazer atop a lavender blouse? No? Think again, it might be just the style you need for spring, moreover it looks absolutely divine!


Tomato Red




We can vouch for red with our eyes closed - it's such a ravishing color! Though, this spring we've been introduced to "Tomato Red," a very bold, bewitching hue that would suit almost all skin tones. We're completing digging tomato red cocktail dresses, pants, flowy, long skirts and sophisticated pajama suits, furthermore would highly recommend these outfit choices to go with tomato red. If you're a pastel girl at heart, this color might put you off slightly but trust us, trying it would be the best thing that've ever happened to you.






Marigold - a flower which reminds of the entrancing poem by Robert Graves, nonetheless we're talking about the importance of this color in the spring fashion trends this year. Leaning on the popping vibes of the yellow, yet displaying a sheeny exterior, marigold is simply a color that shouldn't be ditched this season. Whether you wish to pair a blouse in marigold with denim, wear a full-length maxi in marigold or merely want to garb yourself in wide-legged silk pants in marigold, we give you total independence with this color. It's punchy, happy and everything you'd want to perk up your mood.


Milky White




Talk about opacity or the color of the pearls! This season's white hints on the color of milk and is directly related to serenity. It may not evoke a surprising reaction from you, since white is considered to be an all-season color but if you style it with care, it might attract a few gasps from the onlookers. Either go for a midi white slip dress, a white ruffle skirt, a white checker dress or white fringing garbs to add a fresh, out-of-the-ordinary appearance to white.