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Goal Setting and Reflecting On the Past


Happy New Year Girlies! It’s 2018 and we’re blessed to see another turn of the year. You’ve been granted a whole new book to fill in the blanks with so much time to undertake exciting opportunities and follow in the footsteps of newfound hopes, wishes, and whatnot! Everybody feels elated to jot down their resolutions every New Year, considering the frenzy and hype social media creates to share your goals. You might work on them feverishly so, in the beginning but at some point or during the middle of a year, life happens and you fall into the same “lazy-bum, don’t care” routine without realizing what you were meant to focus on and all that hard work of a self-help junkie goes out of the window.

The most obvious question in your minds would be “then what should we do or how can we make it till the end successfully? Well, here’s when reflection comes about. You need to have a momentary eye over the previous year to evaluate the things you actually did achieve and those still left on your radar! 


Bid 2017 A Proper Goodbye




How? Well, write it all down – EVERYTHING! Yes, whatever it takes, just start putting down your achievements of the former year on your journal, on your laptop or whatever you feel comfortable with. In the hope to move on, you’ll have to organize the past experiences in your mind first and it will gradually create the space for more. If we “Azura” were to write something on 2017, we would have written a gratitude letter to 2017 as a means of seeping out the pent-up thoughts and sending a thank you to all that happened in 2017. We would have included something like:

  • Azura is ecstatic to have brought their new line of jewelry in 2017 that was highly welcomed and pursued by customers and fashion influencers.
  • Azura is proud to have achieved the sales growth of 355% YOY.
  • Azura is grateful to have been featured on leading websites like Huffington Post, Vogue and Thrive Global in 2017.

Similarly, you can take the same lead! It doesn’t matter whether you talk about your unappreciative or winning memories – just make sure to do justice to the previous year because 365 days are enough to turn your life topsy-turvy and you make certain to record all that down.


Unmet Goals




Once the chronicles of the previous year have been done and dusted, you need to come towards unmet goals. Consider pondering about the “un” there,

  • Why weren’t they met?
  • Was there something stopping you or was there something distracting you from these “unmet” goals?
  • Do you even still wish to start off with them or wish to replace them with new ones?
  • Was there something you could’ve pulled off to not being eluded from these goals? This question is to learn from your mistakes so that they do not get repeated.

You should live by the fact that not every goal is attainable in a limited amount of time, especially counting the constraints of life. Anything possible can sidetrack you from meeting your objectives and you shouldn’t dish out the dirt on yourself. Instead, get inspired by your previous achievements and go from there. Set out new goals for yourself and challenge yourself to do better every year because only in hope lies the dare.


Narrow Down and Check Back




No matter how Big Ass Goals you’ve set ahead – you should never lose track of them, regardless of what life has in store for you or throws at you, you need to keep eyes on your progress strictly, and trust us it is easy if you do it weekly. A lot of people commonly submit to keeping health goals, well that’s a good start but then it doesn’t mean you have to mimic others. You do you, whatever that opens up your advantages. For example, you’ve decided to increase your email subscribers to 50,000 folks, “that’s big but doesn’t matter” do it and don’t be intimated at the thought of it!

Many people just leave their goals, mostly pertaining to their own insecurities or what others might think. To hell with opinions; set up goals that you trust are accomplishable by you. Before you create goals, always have a mind-check to see what the process involves or what you will have to deal with to complete them. Of course, when you are traveling to a place, you can’t simply do that without mapping out the details to reach that destination, same is the case with targets. They need to be planned, checked either weekly or monthly for you to put a stamp of your approval on them – that’s like finishing ambitions!


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