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Gold Vermeil, Gold Filled, and Gold Plated – What Does It Mean?


Is your mind trapped between the difference of gold vermeil, gold filled and gold plated jewelry? Congratulations you’re not alone! Every one of us demands an answer to the same question and we would assist to bracket down the simplest meaning of these puzzling terms. As our customers, we think it’s only right to pass on the knowledge of these complex labels and help you learn the language of jewelry and make it easier for you to narrow down your buying decisions. Continue below for the gold-filled guide with product suggestions as well.


Gold Vermeil Jewelry (Pronounced: Ver-may)


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Gold vermeil jewelry mostly has a base of sterling silver which is also branded as “925” and is gold plated with a minimum of 2.5-micron thickness for it to become fit to be called “gold vermeil.” This process is done through the method of electroplating and two microns of gold represents 10 karats fineness or more. Most of our vermeil pieces are either 14k or more, which signifies their good quality, durability, and longer lifespan. We have a collection of gold vermeil bracelets and rings, if you wish to buy any of them, we’d highly recommend going for Angel's Glimpse White Topaz Ring or Golden Bluebell Necklace.


Gold Plated Jewelry


Gold-Vermeil-Gold-Filled-and-Gold-Plated-What-Does- It-Mean


Gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry have ties to the same family because they share the same electroplating process. However, it must be kept in mind that plated jewelry uses a very little amount of gold plating over a base metal, even lesser than used in vermeil and tends to be not only cheaper in price against vermeil but poorer in longevity and quality too. Plated jewelry has such a thin layer of gold coating that it can chip, fade and tarnish easily. Though, if you are looking for something that won’t break the bank but will still look like gold, you can give gold plated jewelry a try.


Gold Filled Jewelry


Gold-Vermeil-Gold-Filled-and-Gold-Plated-What-Does- It-Mean


Gold filled jewelry isn’t made with the process of plating; rather it comprises a base metal usually copper or brass that is covered with sheets of gold which is bonded to the exterior of the base with the use of heat and pressure. Gold filled jewelry utilizes 5% of gold which is hundred times more gold than used in gold-plated items.  

Gold filled jewelry has a thick gold coating which makes it  long-lasting and if a jewelry item is a 14k gold filled, it implies that the product is not only of exceptional quality but will not tear or chip easily, plus will be safe for folks with sensitive skin or allergies. Gold filled jewelry does have a permanent nature due to real gold being fused to either side of it; although it mustn’t be mistaken for “actual gold” since it’s not solid.



All three of them, gold vermeil, gold plated and gold filled are good alternatives to solid gold but in our opinion gold vermeil and gold filled jewelry wins the race because their golden hue doesn’t rub off quickly like in the case of gold plated jewelry, plus proves much reliable for people with skin conditions. It is important to take special care of any of these kinds of gold jewelry to ensure they look new for the longest period.


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