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How to Color Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit

How to Color Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit

Whether you believe it or not, people form an opinion about you the moment they set eyes on you, so looking sharp is the best advice you can blindly follow. Pairing the correct jewelry with your outfit is very essential, since you don’t want to look out of character. The mistake folks can make is by donning the wrong jewelry with a dress. You simply cannot go to office wearing dangling earrings with a business suit thinking you look like a “Professional-esque Mastermind.” Instead, it can be an erroneous decision on your part and dangling earrings certainly do not complement work gear in much sense– they’re too distracting!

Getting Your Color Coordination Right

Understand that red, blue and yellow make up the base of primary colors and it is logical that only secondary colors will complement the base colors, which comprise of purple, green and orange. Have a look at your outfit and make a note of its main colors. If the shades are primary ones, you should wear jewelry created of secondary hues. Another good tip is to comprehend whether your main outfit is cool-toned or warm-toned because warm goes with cool and vice versa.

Stick to Basics

If there is still confusion lurking in your mind, have a look at a color chart and you’ll know what we are referring to, plus once you get the gist of color basics, you’ll always be ready to dress to impress. Red and gold toned jewelry looks best with colors like purple and blue, which are cool-toned whereas silver, white, black and emerald toned jewelry looks fantastic coupled with warm-colored dresses. Though, there are exceptions like white, black, grey and beige, which look nice with any type of jewelry regardless of its undertone.

Embracing Trends with Color Coordination

All you have to do is appraise your outfit and capture an image in your mind of what you wish to look like and act upon it accordingly. For example, if you want to create a spring look, you simply won’t throw on everything, pretending to be “springy,” instead you’ll envision yourself in your brain first. As we said earlier beige, fawn and cream shades go with any color, similarly you can pull on a fawn-colored dress and pair it with jewelry including green or a blue gemstones. Different gemstones come handy for a flawless spring look and you should try your hand at our Feather Fling Ring to do just that.

The Classics

Pieces like diamonds or cubic zirconia coordinate with any color and you don’t have to step onto limitations with these. If you aren’t the person to rely much on colored jewelry items, you can totally opt for classics like gold and silver, which never go out of style and set off well with every color. The classiest thing is to pair a white and black gear with gold jewelry, which is done too many times but never fails to attract the onlookers. If you are feeling a bit daring with color, try our Eve Coffee Gold Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet but if you are intimated with a notion of adding color in your outfit and want to keep things modest, try your luck with our V Shaped Heart Pendant.


Always train your peepers on the color wheel if you experience confusion deciding upon jewelry. Also, never forget black-toned jewelry, which proves to be a helpful addition to insert balance into your outfits.