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How to Freshen Yourself Up after Every Weekend


Is your brain a bit muffed up after work? Too much indulging in over work can slug your energy, your skin and the health of your brain badly. Don’t worry; there’ll be many like you out there. Getting into your fixed humane routine takes time, however, we have concocted a scheme that is simple and easy to follow. Read on to know more about post-weekend recovery. This post has been inspired by our New Azura Jewelry Collection, since, summer is coming to an end and our pieces invite you to embrace change, whether in your habits or in jewelry choices.


Show Your Skin Some Love



Do your skin, some favor and buy some Vitamin C products, which will take down all your skin woes in a few days. Fat filled and sugary diet messes up your skin and it doesn’t look hot at all. Being constantly bare to the changing cold and hot weather conditions, being in a dry circulated air or humidity ends up in wreaking havoc on your skin. Try to moisturize regularly, drink water because your skin is the largest organ, it needs to feel rejuvenated. Keep a regular sunscreen using routine and also scrub your face a couple of times in a week. Face oils, eye creams, and a humidifier will nourish your skin well.


Don’t Be Sleep Deprived



Whether you are traveling, enjoying with your cousins or simply spending your weekends with the loved ones, our sleep does get a bit on the side track. It is time to get you back on track and keep a proper am routine. You should be in bed by 11:00 pm and make sure to turn off all your gadgets before you climb into bed. You’ll sleep well without the turned on mobile, tempting you to have yet another scroll through social media. Keep an alarm clock beside you and have a satisfying sleep. Also, before preparing your bed, do your night skincare.


Workout in the Morning



We all know that sitting in your bed sounds better than moving out in the morning of Saturday or Sunday. By exercising in the morning, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, plus it will unwind you for starting your day pleasantly. You don’t really need to indulge in a hardcore workout. Just have a light walk somewhere you prefer or around the block. The air will clear your foggy head and your body will feel alive, almost pumped up. Come home and perform your skin care routine. The fresh application of skincare products will awaken your face. So, yes an outdoor workout is a must to remove the stress bottled in you, by your hectic weekday schedule.


Bring a Change to Your Personal Abode



We personally love practicing a room makeover after the weekends, more so if you get to enjoy a long weekend. It helps to revitalize your mood and aids to keep a check on the extras you’re preserving under your roof. Set yourself up with some goals that provide you success and happiness in the end, and keep a schedule check on how much you’ve succeeded in accomplishing. We recommend you to jot down your progress after a couple of weeks.


Purge Your Closet



Cleaning clutter is the most replenishing feeling in the world. So, challenge yourself to remove and give away all those clothes, which you won’t be wearing. There is no need to keep anything with you that you no longer use; you deserve some space in your house for a fresh week ahead. Plus, you’ll remain aware of what you have and what you need to buy. Perk up your life with these weekend routines and discover the little joys that bring you peace as well as pleasure.


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