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How to Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Dropping your day’s work to saunter over to a jewelry shop gets out of your league, right? That is why busy bees like you succumb to online shopping to snag items you’ve had your eyes on and to indulge in retail therapy in the comfort of your abode. You’re correct to choose online shopping over going outside when you’re multitasking. But sometimes, it works in your disadvantage and you end up getting the wrong product. This can prove to be a big deal if you are buying an expensive item and it is in your best interests to be mindful of your personal size, weight, and choice before jumping into the ring buying bandwagon. 




Often, the variety of products available online are rarer than in the market, the main reason you end up galloping like a horse towards “Add to Cart.” So, if you are buying a costly ring, you should follow our tips to measure for apt ring size. You can also check out our Aphrodite Cobweb Ring to determine whether it captures your fancy.

  • Simply wrap a thin strip of paper over the finger, you prefer to wear the ring on.
  • Mark the place where both the ends meet, forming a circle over your finger.
  • Measure the distance between the ends with a ruler.
  • Use the measurements below to understand where you stand.
  • Finger size tends to expand and shrink when the finger is hot or cold.
  • Make sure your finger is at a normal temperature.
  • If your knuckle varies in size from that of your finger base, measure both the areas separately.
  • Once measured, choose a size in between.
  • You don’t want your ring to either be loose, shift unnecessarily or get stuck once you pull it on.

Compare with Rings You Already Own

Looking for some Coachella Inspiration? It’s simple! Just pile on necklaces with a range of various textures. Either, you can go for diamonds with a yarn necklace, a single pendant and a plain ball chain to top off the look. In layering differently, you can also modify your look with pairing a trio of chains consisting of dissimilar symbols, such as a half moon, with a star and a ball, how’s that?

Another way to measure your size is to place your ring over the closest-sized circle. Bear in mind that the inner part of your ring matches the outside of the circle. Women’s ring sizes generally range from 5 to 7, where 6 being the most popular. You can simply measure an existing ring over a circle contained in a print chart. With this method, you’ll be able to get the inner and outer size of your ring and you can order similarly. However, you can simply opt for adjustable sizes, just like our dear little Trio Butterfly Ring demonstrates.

  • If you are choosing a ring with a thicker band, you’ll have to go one size up than normal, since, the thicker the band is, the tighter the ring will be.
  • The end of the day is the best time to measure your ring size because then your finger is at its largest size.
  • Check your size multiple times to make sure you’re not erroneous.
  • If you are getting two different sizes, get the largest one.
  • Keep in mind that a larger size is better than a smaller one, since, the ring will not be wasted completely.
  • Fingers could get swollen due to pregnancy and consuming steroid medications, so, measure accordingly.

Final Words

It’s time to bid Sayonara as we’ve detailed you quite extensively on finding the correct ring size. Try these tips at home and we hope you’ll acquire the right measurement. Plus, if you do accomplish success, don’t forget to buy our Arphadite Rose Ring as a treat to yourself. 


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