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How to Stack Necklaces

Yes, statement styles have always stayed in the hub of trends and will remain so for a while. However, in our opinion, it is good to sample with your own persona, than depending on fixed fashions to make style statements. Channeling your own personality is unique and instead of being a follower, be a trendsetter! Today, we will discuss methods to layer necklaces in a beautiful way. Rather than donning one large piece of necklace, it is better to opt for delicate pieces that will embellish your neck like nobody’s business!

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Gold and Silver

Your jewelry stacking should be personal to you. Showcase a side of you through the pieces you choose. There is no faux-pas in combining gold with silver, to be fair, contrast looks extremely exquisite. To put into better words, you can mix any metal with any texture you prefer. Be it white-golds, rose-golds, yellow-golds or multi-colors, the choice is yours. Just bear in mind that the end results ought to look eye-catching.

Create a Diversion

In your eyes, wearing pendant necklaces in same sizes will result in a tangled mess, but in our opinion, it can prove to be really striking. Or if you are a girl who simply can’t stand similar lengths, create a diversion by pairing one long pendant necklace with a few harboring equal lengths. This way, you’ll have necklaces traveling all the way down against your neck and collarbone.  This concept won’t seem counterintuitive and you are nuts to think so. Try both styles and trust us, none is a deal-breaker!

Choose Color to Stand-out

This style is the dearest to our hearts. Basically, you need to layer plain chains with one colorful stone necklace as a stand-out product. This look is earnestly too arresting and combining this approach with a white gear is the best decision you can make. When it comes to layering, you do not need to restrict yourself. Whether it is a choker, pendant, or a necklace, go for it and create your own signature look. Also, this is a good way to make use of statement necklaces, since, they are pretty loaded with adornments and layering them with plain chains will tone down their flashy appearance. 



Hoard Up On Different Textures

Looking for some Coachella Inspiration? It’s simple! Just pile on necklaces with a range of various textures. Either, you can go for diamonds with a yarn necklace, a single pendant and a plain ball chain to top off the look. In layering differently, you can also modify your look with pairing a trio of chains consisting of dissimilar symbols, such as a half moon, with a star and a ball, how’s that?


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to layering necklaces. It’s all about showing creativity and gauging which getup goes with what! Also, you can wear pendants consisting of your own initials. That is a nice way to bracket your personality with your fashion sense. Have fun mixing’n’matching. We’ll be back with more exciting content.


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