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Jewelry Staples Every Girl Should Have


What’s the point of owning a practically jumbled box of jewelry when you can merely notch it down to a few essentials with no loss of style, whatsoever? You simply need to curate your jewelry essentials that can be worn daily and stay trendy at all times. Once you’ll make those precious picks – they will soon be graduated to your jewelry staples. Having staples is the ability to shine both day and night without the need to change up your jewelry items constantly. Today, we’ll be sharing certain jewelry staples that will help you transition from a “yawn attracter” to a showstopper.


Diamond Earrings




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and what’s better than to don them in the form of diamond earrings? These don’t only scream “must-haves” but take you from a day to night event with a polished air. Honestly, you’ll never want to take these off – diamonds are so alluring! Diamond earrings or studs, whatever you go for, invites glamour and incites the perfect excuse to show off as long as it makes you happy. Sparkling Jeweled Ears, Yes, please!


A Classic Wristwatch




Ah! Wristwatches always conjure up the images of those Macho Men with rolled-up sleeves wearing striking, larger-than-life wristwatches in our mind. Ahem, sorry we’ve just realized this post is about Girls! Well, the popularity of smartphones has certainly handed watches a napkin for a teary session but fortunately, watches are back on the runways. Apart from being tremendously handy, a classic watch never gets old; it can be worn daily and looks prettier than your cell phone! Moreover, watches can be extremely versatile as they cater brilliantly to your outfit choices by harboring different color spectrum, embellishments, dainty looks to larger styles. It’s all about what looks good on you!  


The All-Day-Everyday Necklace




Necklaces that go with everything should definitely be something residing permanently in your jewelry wardrobe. Either you can opt for a bold statement necklace that means business or feline, a dainty layered necklace that pays salute to “minimalism.” Your choice should complement your personality and your get-up, of course! Select a metal of your comfort zone to get the most wear out of it and avoid unfamiliar cuts that can rapidly go out of style. Our The Journey Of Life Layering Necklace would be a perfect “pick-me-up when you need to make heads turn, subtlety but appreciatively.


Stackable Rings




Rings can be wonderful to express yourself since they come in a million different styles, colors, cuts, and shapes. We love beautiful stackable rings to stand-out from the crowd and they are initial building blocks of your signature style as well. Rose Golds and White Golds are making a beeline for the “in” accessories and if you really want to dig into the hype of these shades, then there’s nothing more impeccable than to start now! It can be simple bands with varying colors, a mixture of metals, a crowd of delicate rings to bold pieces that immediately draw attention or varieties that depict personalized monograms. With stackable rings – you can really explore your preferences. Feast your eyes on our entire ring collection that will assist you to get things into motion as soon as possible.






Cross our heart and hope to die, surely without a bracelet – you’ll be living a lie, lol. We absolutely admire bangle bracelets, tennis bracelets, and bold cuff bracelets – they’ll go a long way to be your instant go-getters. Tennis bracelets are also known as “eternity bracelets” and they are a delight to behold, plus their slinky appearance is just everything you need to satisfy your minimal cravings. Cuff bracelets and bangle bracelets never go wrong whether you want to be recognized or elaborate a plain ensemble. At the end of the day, choose something that brings out your inner diva.


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