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Jewelry to Wear For Spring

Jewelry to Wear For Spring

Well, if we take a look inside at what celebrities are donning nowadays, you’ll be gleeful to learn that heavy jewelry has been replaced by much lighter feeling and natural looking pieces. So, this spring you’ll finally be able to take the strain off your ears by removing dangling earrings and getting in touch with miniature ear studs. Today, we will detail you on the ins and outs of jewelry trends for spring!

Go Au Naturel

Though, spring is all about downsizing weighty looking bits with daintier looking pieces such as a smattering of delicate rings, dashes of rose gold and skinny cuffs but these choices certainly never fail to make a big impact. That’s why designers are working with more refined looking stones such as pearls, geodes, and wire. 

This season calls for looking less obvious yet spunky at the same time. So, you definitely ought to pay ode to pearls for having a reappearance – despite a testy past with the younger community. Azura jewelry has implemented complete perfection in this Pearl Allure Ring, by encrusting the tiniest, most adorable looking pearl with a stuffing of glitzy gems for good measure. Go, get it before someone else zaps away with it!

Geometric Designs

Minimal, geometric designs are huge this spring, especially in the form of an arm or a handcuff. Just wear a geometric-esque arm cuff and be ready to beat em’ all dead! Even, geometric designs are handy for adding a tad more drama to your work gear and don’t seem ostentatious at all. If you doubt us, have a go with Cleopatra Geometric Gold-plated Bracelet Cuff, which will hug your arm tantalizingly and ricochet off an aura of modernism. 

Slinky Necklaces or Static Chokers?

Seriously, the days of neck stifling necklaces are gone and the trend of static chokers and loose, fragile necklaces are back on the front. If you want to do justice to your V-neck dresses, a set of delicate necklaces will simply look brill. Why not personalize your choice by wearing initials? And our Aphrodite Initial Necklaceproposes you the ideal opportunity to do that! As for chokers, well, they always look godly, no matter how and with what you style them. Also, chokers embedded with rubies or other stones, providing a startling pop of color are going strong this season. If you can get your mitts on any of these selections, grab them! Nonetheless, you can have a look at our feline Cleopatra 24K Gold/Platinum-plated Knot Choker

Symbols Are In

Ever envisioned personalizing your jewelry according to your taste? Well, spring brings you the chance to do just that. Forget boho-chic, vintage, classy or whatever statement internet is stuffing you with regarding jewelry. Just be yourself and do what according to you looks best, of course, keeping in the realms of the spring jewelry trends. Channelizing your own personality is much better than picking the remainder of what’s already done and worn. However, we must inform you that jewelry with symbols are high on the list of spring trends and if you favor any symbol, it’s the time to wear it. It can be anything from stars, hearts, infinity signs to butterflies, the choice is all yours. We personally love these Cleopatra Star Hoop Earrings and Aphrodite Leaf-shaped Necklace. These are very versatile and can be sported on all occasions.

An Important Note

If you ever see statement pieces, heavily packed necklaces, and oxidized silver pieces, simply make a beeline for the exit because these trends have been excluded from spring now. We hope you enjoyed knowing about the latest spring trends. Stay tuned for more!