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Keep Moving Forward – Mantra of Fashion Blogger Nikki Andrew


The blogging world is full of talented beauty and fashion bloggers these days and you won’t have to rifle through magazine pages to get the deets on the latest beauty and fashion trends. Instead, we have the trusty bloggers now, who rather have an important say in what’s on-trend in the fashion category and what’s not. They have been inspiring their audiences for a long time and we were just as pleased to have a confab with Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Nikki Andrew about what started her love for blogging.


Keep-Moving-Forward-Mantra-of-Fashion-Blogger-Nikki-AndrewWearing Azura’s Spiral Ring, Feather Fling Ring, and Faye Dangle Earrings


“Nikki comes from South Africa but currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband who is the biggest inspiration behind her blog “Nikki Living Life” and photography. She talks about her passion for chronicling her life routine with a few of her wifey happenings, food indulgences, and fashion adventures. She is thankful to have been blessed with everything she needs and desires to work even harder to accomplish everything she wants.”



“Don't trick yourself, treat yourself.”

― Nikki Andrew


Azura: What made you decide to start blogging?

Nikki: I’ve always loved fashion, food, and travel. But stopped embracing my passionate pursuits after my dad passed away. The act of writing has always been cathartic for me and I found blogging to be a powerful healing tool. When you lose someone, it helps to think about what you’re grateful for.


Azura: How would you describe your fashion style in three words?

Nikki: Classic, polished, and feminine.


Azura: What are one of your current fashion obsessions?

Nikki: Sneakers and nail polish. 


Azura: The first thing you do in the morning is…

Nikki: Brush my teeth!




Azura: You would never leave home without?

Nikki: Sunglasses!


Azura: You stay in shape by?                

Nikki: Walking!


Azura: The greatest life advice you’ve ever received?                  

Nikki: Keep moving forward. Take baby steps if you have to. Just don’t go back.


Azura: What fashion tips would you like to give to our Azura babes?

Nikki: When buying earrings, choose well. Pick out earrings that frame your face. Although small, earrings have a big impact on your outfit and it is in direct line of vision of anyone you talk to.   




Our Message

We hope our interview with Nikki Andrew inspired you to be a better and stylish version of yourself. Instead of copying others, take motivation and create your own persona. To be alerted about our latest blog posts, hit the subscribe button and our newsletter will ping your inbox every week with something mind-blowing.


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