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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Last-minute panics are like a bad case of Flu, you cannot settle down until you’re done and dusted with. It happens to the best of us but this time Azura Jewelry has got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of last-minute holiday gift ideas that are so poignant that whether it is your girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt or any female friend, they’ll be moved to happy tears. And guess what? They won’t even know you were running short of time! Oh yeah, we get it - you can thank us later!

Important Notice: Last holiday orders will ship out on December 12th so they reach you before December 23rd.


Gift Ideas For Her




For your sweetheart, nothing sounds more right than a special something she can wear, hold on to and cherish forever.

White Topaz Ring

To let her relive the memories of this holiday and remember you for your generosity, buy her our Glitter Raindrop Ring in Rose Gold. First, it’s Rose Gold, something girls cannot resist and this will prove to be a surefire winner. Don’t come begging us for release when she’s going to hug the life out of you (that’s inevitable).


Amethyst Ring

If you plan to take things to the next level, something serious - Ahem Should we say it? Or is it that obvious? You get us, don’t you? Well, our Center of the Universe Amethyst Ring will all be the cause of her triumph. The purple richness of the amethyst coupled with the current emotional state of your situation will lead things to a “Yes” - we not only heartily believe it but confirm it.



Glitter Necklace

Ah, did we mention “Glitter?” Right Yes, We deffo did! Our Glitter Raindrop White Topaz Necklace in Yellow Gold is a true hallmark of our list yet. It looks beyond sexy on the very neck of the wearer with artistic white topaz filling. It’ll glitter and glisten under the lights and can be worn half-hidden under a blouse as a meant-to-be prized possession or over it for a flaunty day out.


Gift Ideas For Your Family



In your quest to please your girlfriend, don’t forget about your family. They are the people you’ve grown and flown with so keep them in your mind particularly at such times when bonding is everything.


Opal Necklace

There’s nothing prettier and family-appropriate than Opals. Our Classic Opal Necklace is a symbol of love and something that reminds of home. Either gift it to your mother or to your sister, they’ll surely fall head over heels in love with this present. Available in both Gold and Silver!


Opal Earring Studs

This gift will be absolutely riveting if you’re making up for lost time. Holidays are the whiles to forgive and forget, also announcing the arrival of starting anew. Similarly, our Opal Teardrop Studs brings up the perfect excuse to let bygones be bygones. Celebrate, seek serenity in each other and conform to enjoy each others company till you are together.


Christmas Special Edition

And what’s a holiday without going a little Christmassy? Our Limited Edition: Santa Claus's Magical Reindeer Ring is our best bet yet and you should secure it before its gone. The bewitching golden reindeer upon a finger will be the ideal way to pamper your relations.


Our Message


Good Holidays to all of you! Remember to not make haste as its only going to result in waste - just keep your picks ace! We hope you liked our last-minute gift guide - subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop always.



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