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Legit Ways To Surprise Your Mother On Mother’s Day!

Legit Ways To Surprise Your Mother On Mother’s Day!

Some people may say we don’t need a specific day to celebrate our mothers or mother figures in our lives. Instead, we should celebrate them every day. While that’s all one good way to put it, let’s face it, not everyone gets the time or the intuition to do that on a daily basis. 

All things aside, mothers are special and they deserve all the formal recognition we can give them, even if it’s for a day. We must remember them and cherish them. The best part is everybody around the world comes together to make mother’s day ‘one happy moment’ all celebrated unanimously, and that is an indescribable feeling, more than a thousand words actually.


The Straight Up Fact


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Mother’s day isn’t just about buying your mum or the special motherly figures in your life unnecessary things. It’s about celebrating their struggles, their strength, their confidence, their commitment to making you a successful person and it’s your job to make them feel appreciated about it. 

Though we can’t help but add that celebrating mother’s day, and how you do it is a personal thing. Whether you choose to do that by wishing her well or buy your mum some of her favorite things, that’s your preference.


Mother’s Day Gifts



Mainly, on Mother’s day, the priority is given to getting her gift right. It could be a bunch of flowers she loves. Candies that are totally drool-worthy and keep her sweet-tooth satisfied. Think of all the perfumes she’d love to get her hands on and sniffs off. But then all of this boils down to her personal choice and most of the time, such gifts turn out to be quite typical.

If typical’s not on your list this year. We have something better to suggest, something fun with a nice surprising twist. We’re talking about gifting her some lovely jewelry pieces. Jewelry not only takes things to a personal, heart-touching level but no woman can refuse a piece of bling in her life, whether it’s meant for love, friendship, or recognizing her worth.


What Kind Of Jewelry?



With all that being said, we know and you know, mothers love jewelry with a lovely message or meaning behind it. But for her sake and yours too, it has to be beautiful which reminds us of this Green Onyx Hexagon Necklace

The necklace carries green onyx and white topaz, one of the prettiest gemstones out there and the birthstones themselves bear a stunning meaning. Combine all that with 14k gold vermeil setting that’s made to last. It’s a perfect pick for mother’s day that portrays the message of peace, love, and calm.



Another option that we’ve sorted out for the special mothers in your life is Solitaire Pearl Ring & Cross The Path Ring SetEveryone knows how much mothers adore pearls. And these are not your average pearls. Nope! They’re deliciously elegant all done in a 14k gold vermeil framing. It’s an impeccable set for the daily. She wouldn’t even need a separate ring for layering!



We have the Princess Cut Square Colombian Emerald Ring on the recommendation list as well. Emerald is a very popular birthstone and a very pretty one, too. The multifaceted cut and the dazzling shine of the 14k gold vermeil would sure bedazzle your mum. Our happy customers are big fans of this ring and thanks to them, it’s a bestseller! 



Last but not the least, the post wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the adorable Glam Open BandIf your Mumma isn’t big on stones, we’re sure she would fall in love with this thick gold band with tiny white topaz stones scattered around the sides. Also, the band is adjustable and makes a safe choice if you don’t know about your mother’s ring size. 


Our Message


No matter how far or near our mothers are, we need them and they need us. There’s no better time than to show them they matter the most with these gift recommendations. Take care and stay safe until we come with a post again!