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Makeover Tips for A Summertime Rooftop Party

Ever found yourself stuck in a rooftop party situation and declining at the last minute because you've got no clothes, no jewelry, and no ideas, whatsoever? Well, Girl! You seriously need to start investing in yourself because a summertime rooftop party is something not to be missed especially when it happens in the middle of New York City on a balmy rooftop with tasty meals and bomb drinks! We will be sharing our best makeover tips for a summertime rooftop party to make certain you're not stumped on what to wear and pair with jewelry. Bring out your sassy town girl appearance on display, babes! Or think Coachella if it helps with your inspiration. 


Keeping Your Cool with Fine Jewelry




There are a million different ways of dressing up for a summertime rooftop party – all comes down to personal preference. Though, take our advice and try not to be a cheap girl. Be as natural as you can be and sport a sleek look. When we talk about keeping your cool, we instantly think about LBD'S or a hot jumpsuit. Comfort should be your priority because nothing beats fashion trends and heat more than being at ease does! Pair a simple LBD or a jumpsuit with slinky necklaces, thin bracelets or a plethora of rings. Our Horizontal Bar Black Spinel Necklace or Trio Stackable Ring will prove to be the perfect pick-me-ups for a stylish summer fashion statement.  


The Casual Affair with Funky Jewelry 



If the rooftop party pretty much consists of you and your homies, we're sure you'll be gearing up for nothing other than some casual denim cutoffs and crop tops. If that's the case, go for denim with studs for a more edgy look and make sure your outfit is complete with some funky, grungy jewelry. Charm bracelets, stud earrings, smatterings of rings or even a statement necklace could be all you need to tie the look together. We would highly recommend our Moon and Star Forever Love Bracelet and 925 Sterling Silver Glistening Stud Earrings to start off the party on a brighter note.  


Modern Vibes with Elegant Jewelry 




There are times when you want to appear all ladylike (plus on a side note, men always like feminine classics, winks!) and it will be in your best interests to choose outfits with modern cuts and clean vibes. Crochet dresses, romper dresses, shirt dresses, maxis and slip dresses are some of them for you to hit the roof-deck with style while you lightly sip your cocktail. Modern dresses always call for accessories with vintage, minimalistic appeal. Our suggestion would be to check out the Angel's Glimpse White Topaz Ring and Lariat Leaf White Topaz Necklace to let your dress truly shine.


Bold Colors with a Sexy Appeal  




Ever wondered how to be on top of your game? How is it possible to be on your third glass of wine or completely off your rocker and still manage to look like a jaw-slackening sexy goddess? Well, it happens when you inject a good amount of sexiness to your party outfit. Think tight, skinny jeans with an off-the-shoulder top and you'll look swell. Or what about a floral dress or a plain long maxi in bright hues combined with a sequined bomber jacket? With a little bit of mixing and matching with colors, you can clearly mark "rooftop partiesyour territory. As for accessories, slay the game with our Dreamy Sunflower Red Garnet Ring and Faye Dangle Earrings to gleam the rest of the evening.  


Last Tips  




We're pretty sure Ph.D. isn't required to probe your fashion sense. Come on, Chill Girl! No need to get in a frenzy. Just think about enjoying yourself and having a fun time because, at the end of the day, nothing matters more than making happy memories! For more style tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter.  


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