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Meaning, Powers And The Rich Significance of Sapphire

Sapphire, a gorgeous gemstone that makes conversation cease and hearts leap harbors rich history, amazing healing powers, and meaningful mantras that can set your life at ease. We might be nice rhymers at best but this jewel deserves all the stardom. Known as the “stone of wisdom” it rephrases the meaning of life for you and endows you with the feeling of parachuting to live prosperously, healthily and spiritually! To learn more about the various sides of Sapphire, keep reading our post which will leave all your blanks ticked as you’ll reach the end of this article.



Sapphire Types, Locations & Their Many Features





The general meaning of Sapphire is blue and was known as “Lapis Lazuli” in the ancient era. Sapphire has many important references in almost all religions and is considered a sacred stone. Sapphire gemstones are a kind of mineral named corundum, having the gem hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, earning them a place of the third hardest gemstone after diamonds and moissanite. Due to the similarity between the texture and shine of sapphires and diamonds, sapphire peculiarly their colorless state proposes as a good alternative to diamond.





Sapphire exists in numerous regions namely Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, USA, Kenya, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Brazil, Malawi, Columbia, and many other places, differing in their chemical structures and appearances.



Significant Attributes




Blue Sapphires are hugely popular particularly the cornflower blue color known as Kashmir Sapphire. However, sapphire is also available in other colors such as yellow, pink, green, peach, orange, gray, purple, white and black. Due to the many color choices and some color-changing aspects, sapphire tends to attract people a lot.

Deep blue sapphires are highly prized, though it is incredibly uncommon to come upon genuine, unheated versions. Today, most of the sapphires are synthetic and created in labs due to the rareness and costliness of the real ones. The quality of sapphire is determined by its color, shape, size, cut, and cost, mostly ranging from $20 to $500 depending on its characteristics.


History, Powers & Uses




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Sapphire has been the subject of many famous myths, from King Solomon and Abraham’s preferred talisman to Christians using it in ecclesiastical rings to Hindus calling sapphire as one of the “great gems” and Buddhists believing it to be a stone of spiritual awakening and worship.






Sapphire saves you from the evil eye, protects you from black magic, envy, harmful attention, fraud, treason, negative energy, and any ill-happenings. Relieves you from sickness especially the heart, blood, muscle, and other overactive body matters.






It bestows you with a sense of calm, improves your mental health and provides the courage to carry out tasks that will assist you to lead a flourishing life. Mending out your spiritual planes, it erases the blockage of creative thoughts and lets you get back on track.






It educates you in the strength of honesty and guides you on the path of righteousness. You will begin to form a pleasant self-expression, becoming clearer in your speech and pattern of true communication.

This stone is not for the fake, it grips the mind and forces individuals to act in an agreeable manner that will be advantageous for you and you alone!



Care For Your Sapphires


Despite the sapphire’s toughness, it still is prone to cracks, chips, and fissures. Don’t use chemical or heavy mechanical methods to maintain sapphires, as such techniques can weaken their crystal body. Warm, soapy water or water with a hint of ammonia is enough to clean, preserve and brighten this gemstone.


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