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Mind Your Illness - It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

It’s easy to get distracted by couples who seem like they’ve been bountifully blessed with love all their lives, models who appear like a day has never gone by when they didn’t look this flawless or simply travelers who are living their best lives journeying around the world.




To be honest, everyone has their days, some share it and some don’t, totally up to them. Social media helps to create that perfect picture, but instead, there’s a lot more happening in the background - a backstage where people don’t allow you. Everybody goes through depression, meltdowns, mental breakdowns, and serious mental health problems, either they choose to face it in the secrecy of their homes, be open about them or endure it under the guidance of their trusty psychiatrists.

The matter is what do you do? A large majority don’t take mental health issues gravely, they mostly consider it a phase, brush it off, keep it bottled or simply feel embarrassed discussing their pressures upfront because of what people might say!


Speak About Your Troubles




It’s time that you start taking your mental problems solemnly, discuss them with someone you’re close with, explore your options and let your worries out of your system before they eat you alive, trust us - It’s Now or Never! Not sharing your troubles will definitively have a negative impact on your mind, body, and prospective life. In order to move on, one has to deal with the present first. It is better to lighten the load than adding more to it and if you cannot trust anybody to have a personal conversation with, consult a shrink as soon as possible.


Don’t Succumb To Unhealthy Practices




Drinking alcohol to down your emotions won’t help, smoking a joint won’t help and indulging in self-pity won’t help either. Talking about mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a condition everyone suffers from, no matter whether they admit so or not. Earnestly, alcohol adds more fuel to the fire and promotes abrupt negative thoughts and technically, it’s doing you more harm than good. Rather, try to be patient, stay sane in your bad situations and think clearly. No anti-depressant is better than your own mind!


Go For It




Sometimes all you need is an escape from your ordinary life. You want freedom, independence and a spot free from the clock. Instead of being stuck in the groove, travel or visit a place that relaxes you. It could be anywhere, a park, hotel, or a spa, a mere change of scenery can improve your stress levels miles better than reminiscing over why your life is miserable.


You Need Vitamin D




Believe it or not but not getting enough sunlight is one of the main reasons behind your depression. Vitamin D is extremely essential for not only your health but your mind and body as well. Deficiency of Vitamin D promotes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it’s certainly vital for light-skinned folks. Give yourself a week of sun therapy, your improved appearance and a tan will largely amplify your confidence level at the same time.


Manage Your Stress




Stress sprouts from a ton of reasons, a majority of them being from lack of money, fragile relationships, and not having a routine. You need to manage your life, particularly your finances in order to have a sense of control. As for relationships, don’t be unnecessarily loyal. Friendships or love life works by giving and taking, it’s a two-way thing, you get some, you lose some. Always hope for the best and no need to stoop or beg for someone’s attention. Once the reins of your life will be in your hands, nothing will be a problem at all.



Our Message


If you’re feeling guilty, negative or suicidal, trust us, life’s too short to fret. Talk, share, consult and open up! Don’t let your illness faze you, fight for yourself - that’s what we’d like to advise you. Subscribe to our newsletter for jewelry and lifestyle tips & tricks. 


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