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Opal - The Birthstone Of October

Opal - The Birthstone Of October

A girl can never have too many jewels, right? Well, in your case Opal should be in your next priority list. A truly diverse stone with its magical depths of brilliance that flashes brightly with the slightest of movements. Opal is a complete attention-grabber and definitely not in a bad way. Opal, often referred to as the “Eye Stone” since it’s so gorgeously pleasant to the eyes but Opal holds a lot more meaning than just being a mere “peeper charmer” which you can discover in our Busting and Discussing Myths about Opals as well. They are used as a gift for a 14th wedding anniversary and is the birthstone of the month of October alongside Pink Tourmaline.


Meaning, Properties, and Types




A common opal is defined by its milky translucence characterized in a palette of hues, namely blue, red, green and orange. Whereas, a precious opal possess a rainbow of colors against an opulent white, black or dark brown exterior. Precious opals are almost a delight to behold, possess and wear - they are a play of luminescent colors that strike the very chords of your heart especially when they glimmer during the night. You’ll need to try our Opal Teardrop Studs to get what we mean.

The name “Opal” comes from the Latin expression “Opulas” which means “Precious stone.” Opal is referred to as hydrated silicon dioxide since there has to be water present around this gem’s locality and is found under the cracks or cavities within the Earth’s crust. Black opals are the best quality opals and are largely found in Australia. Other locations of this gemstone are Mexico, Peru, Canada, USA, UK, Brazil, Honduras, and some other places.


History And Power




If you believe in the “more is more” approach and don’t mind setting out a jewelry statement for every day, opals can be profoundly delightful for you to experiment and have fun with. This stone is directly connected to the Roman History, conveying rich stories laced with intrigue, myths, tales, and beliefs that would allow you to have a personal peek in the lives of these historians. At one point, opals haven’t had a positive past due to some misconceptions but now, modern times have realized the importance of opals and how they can downplay our negative emotions.

  • To reap the full benefits of an opal, buy an original one for yourself. You can wear our Classic Opal Necklace as an everyday support.
  • Keep opal around yourself, no matter whether you’re inside or out. It’ll support you in your activities.
  • Practice meditation while holding an opal, it will eliminate your insecurities and will help a fresher personality come to the surface.



    Opal Is Curative




    • Opal amplifies your will to live in the most joyful way possible, it eradicates the negative energy from your body and lets you accept life in a happier way
    • It makes you active, both physically and spiritually, since it improves your insight and intuition.
    • It is a karmic stone, sending out the message that what is gone shall come back, depending on how you put out your love and hatred.
    • It is a seductive stone that escalates your emotional state and encourages you to give up on your inhibitions, meanwhile inviting love, lust, desire, and a faithful relationship.


        Tips To Care For Your Opal Jewelry




        • Never store these stones in chemicals, or oils for that matter, they might lose their brilliance.
        • Don’t keep opals in potentially dry places since they tend to crack when dry. Rather immersing them in water for a few hours will help to them stick to their shape and shine.



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