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Tourmaline gemstone comes in a bewildering array of eye-catching colors. The gemstone is categorized as crystalline boron silicate with a crystal clear glaze.

Its name comes from the Sinhalese term ‘Turmali’ which translates to an unknown gemstone of mixed color.

With conspicuously opaque transparency, it forms mineral specimens so beautiful that they acquire their own names and are well known worldwide

Created from the silicate colour, this gemstone comes in different shades of colour. One of the most well-known is the midnight hued stone of the Black Tourmaline, but for those craving a splash of color, you can find Tourmaline gemstone in brighter shades of pink, green, purple, and even medley like rainbow shades or the color of watermelon.

This colorful gemstone is so cool to the touch, but with ridges and furrows, it’s not a stone that needs a smooth appearance to make its point. Oftentimes, the gemstone is combined with other precious gemstones to form a beautiful Tourmaline Jewelry adorned by jewelry lovers.

Despite the fascinating appearance of the tourmaline, we should not lose sight of the fact that there are other reasons to appreciate this mesmerizing colorful gemstone.

History of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has a rich history with fascinating events that put you in a conscious state of time travel. One of such historical events is the Icelandic Saga Rauðúlfs þáttr.

The saga of icelanders narrates the visit of Olav Haraldsson II, king of Norway from 995 to 1030, in Eystridalir, a remote part of Norway where a wise man named Rudolf showed the king his Sunstone (Tourmaline) that Viking sailors used as a navigational aid, which allowed them to locate the sun through cloudy and foggy weather.

Tourmaline was first brought to Europe by dutch traders in the 1700s who gave it the name, Aschentrekker, or “ash puller,” due to its oscillating powers of attracting, then repelling, hot ashes from burning coals when the stone was laid near the coals for any length of time.

  Also in Brazil, a Spanish knight believed he had unearthed an emerald, but it also turned out to be a variety of glowing green tourmaline. It certainly is a stone that likes to play on the senses.

The colorful tourmaline varieties were said to have made their way from Sri-lanka over to Europe at the start of the 18th Century.

 Tourmaline can often be mistaken for other gemstones. In fact, there are Russian crown jewels that were celebrated for their wealth of rare rubies but actually turned out to be tourmaline gemstones.

It’s one of the only gemstones that can be electrically charged which is a testament to its power. In spite of its powers, tourmaline is a worldly gem that can be found scattered across the globe.

Surprisingly, if you were born in October, you are one of those people who has a choice for your birthstone. 

Opal was originally the gem trade's recognized birthstone for October but in 1952 the Jewelry Industry Council suggested that pink tourmaline be an alternate stone to opal.

In recent times, we tend to turn to Tourmaline when we crave balance and healing, with each kind of color connecting to a different part of our soul energy.

Take a plunge and discover more about the potent healing powers of this October birthstone jewelry?


Types and  Powers of the Tourmaline Gemstone

No matter which shade of tourmaline gemstone speaks to your heart, they all bring a bounty of healing benefits to your path. For this reason, we have carefully explained the powers that each gemstone symbolizes and navigate you through the healing benefits each gemstone portrays.

 Black Tourmaline 

Also known as Schorl, black tourmaline is the protector of the pack, with a zodiac sign as Capricorn, black tourmaline can be used to both wade off and protect against negativity.  It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy.  It enhances one’s physical well being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and self-confidence.

Pink Tourmaline (Rubelite)

Pink tourmaline, also known as rubellite is a nurturing shade of Tourmaline, the pink variety gives compassion and gentleness. Pink Tourmaline brings gentle joy and swathes of self-love to the party.  For those who feel they need a dose of heart healing, Pink Tourmaline is your therapist. This gemstone is known as the birthstone for the month of October. Check our dainty Promise of Life Tourmaline Ring 

 Green Tourmaline (Verdilite)

Green Tourmaline is known for its life-giving vibes, which helps one to “see with the heart” and witness the miracles of life. It encourages a feeling of gratitude and promotes interest in fellow human beings and the environment.  It’s also known as Verdilite

 Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)

This species of the healing crystal is interested specifically in encouraging clear, open, and honest communication. It helps you softly work through trauma to get to a place of deep and true healing. Its shimmering shades are similar to the flow of water, reminding us that transparency can bring true healing to the body, mind, and soul.

 Purple Tourmaline(Siberite)

The sparkling shades of purple tourmaline like lavender earn the name Siberite. This stone is known for its grounding and protective properties but is also an incredible gem for helping you to feel fully relaxed and ready to release emotional attachments.

 Brown Tourmaline (Dravite)

Brown tourmaline is used to clear and protect the aura. This gemstone anchors you firmly to the ground through the storms that life may bring your way.

 Rainbow Tourmaline

Rainbow tourmaline comes in an array of hues blending every shade of the rainbow to restore balance.  Rainbow Tourmaline is considered a rhythm for the soul.

Azura Tourmaline Jewelry

One of the best ways of using tourmaline gemstone is to turn to the direct healing power of jewelry. Whether it’s a tourmaline ring to serve as a cloak of protection or a Tourmaline earring or necklace. The best thing about tourmaline jewelry is its ability to send those sweet vibrations directly into the skin. 

To enjoy the healing powers of this tourmaline gemstone jewelry, you can purchase your preferred jewelry from our Tourmaline Jewelry collection curated just for you.

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Caring for your  Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Tourmaline are a fairly hard stone rating 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.  However, care should still be taken to protect from scratches or sharp blows. Do the tourmaline jewelry a favor to run some lukewarm water over them and pat them dry with a clean towel.

Reflections  on Tourmaline

We are obsessed with all the properties of tourmaline for its ravishing versatility. You have a choice to make a befitting selection from our tourmaline jewelry collection that suits your thought process and imaginations.  Whether you crave a little more protection in life or whether you are ready to let your mind be at ease, the Tourmaline gemstone is willing to be your guide through a positive energy channel.