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Pearls - Meaning, Identity, Power & Benefits

Pearls - Meaning, Identity, Power & Benefits

Pearl, a divine gem that speaks of fragility and at the same time, combines powerful strength. An only stone that doesn’t come straight from the earth but grows inside mollusks (oysters, mussels, clams and such) which can be discovered under fresh and salt water. When irritants like a small grain of sand or parasite enter a mollusk, layers of pearly material start to form around it as a means of protection. The layers form in concentric circles and are similar to that of an onion. These coinciding layers develop an iridescent luster which is known as the orient of pearl. The older and larger the layers get, the bigger the pearl becomes.


Insight Into True Pearls




The way a pearl takes birth seems like a truly rejuvenating experience and beautiful in an extremely artful way. Indeed, pearls are precious and so are the wearers who own them. Pearls are found in different colors, like gray, blue, black, pink, gold, white and brown, merely depending on the type of mollusk and water they are born in.

A pearl might be a gem but it isn’t measured in carats, it’s weight is given in grains. Approximately, four grains of pearls is equal to a gemstone carat. Pearls are judged by their color, shape, size, luster, and scale of perfection. They are majorly found in Sri Lanka, Philippines, Caribbean and the Gulf of California. However, pearls are also found in countries like USA, Japan, China, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Scotland, Germany, and France.

It’s unfortunate to say that real pearls are decreasing day by day because pearl-producing water areas are becoming tremendously polluted and overworked at the same time.


Cultured & Synthetic Pearls




To ensure the safety of coral reefs, many countries have restricted diving for pearls. Nearly all pearls sold today are either cultured or mostly fake (which cost considerably less than the real thing.) Cultured pearls are those which are grown with human assistance and supervision. However, that doesn’t harm their originality and each real pearl is unique in its own form with a slight difference. To know more about pearls, check out our Pearl Education details.  

Whereas the synthetic ones which are also known as fake pearls are perfect, identical-looking and when you rub your front teeth against their surface, they feel smooth which is not the case with a real pearl. If you are seeking real pearls for an important event or want an heirloom, opt for certified sellers only. Purchasing from streets vendors and pawn shops can be a risky idea. Our Solitaire Pearl Ring and Angel's Teardrop Ring could be an interesting find for you since we only deal in real pearls.


Powers & Benefits




Pearls are closely associated with religions like Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam and hold a special place in the Roman era. It is considered a symbol of aristocracy and most importantly wisdom. Pearls are worn for their sense of security, they set aside your fears and let you be your best self.


Pearls make your unbalanced aura, balanced! And are greatly known for their air of calm and will therapeutically ease you down. Young brides are gifted pearls as good luck for a lifetime of happy marriage, not to mention that pearls exhibit purity and loyalty as well.


Pearls will attract generous and honest people in your life and will settle the seeds of self-love in you, because when you learn to love yourself, only then you can share it with others too. It is a symbolism of good health and neutralizes crucial heart, liver and mind problems, also aids in reducing the pain of childbirth.


Pearls are an emblem of luxury but beyond that, they come with countless healing properties. Either keep it or wear it, the benefits follow you everywhere.


It has a strong link with beauty because it can prevent the signs of sun exposure and aging. It might even reduce wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and pimples with time.


Pearls have both psychological and physical remedial powers, in order to increase their longevity - don’t expose them to harsh sun rays or chemical cleaning agents. Keep them clean with a soft cloth before storing them away.


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