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Reasons You Need To Buy Ruby


Rubies are held in fascination for a long time that encompasses strong ties in history to be included alongside sapphire, diamonds, and emerald as one of the most valued stones in the entire world. The word “Ruby” comes from the Latin word “ruber,” implying red. Ruby depicts a rich deep red hue almost like “the color of blood” but with a tinge of blue and its shade is the main reason people get hooked on it like a magnet. This gemstone is known to possess fiery passion, devotion, protection, prosperity, beauty, wisdom and is considered a stone of royalty. This stone embraces deep-rooted connections in both ancient and modern cultures.


The Uniqueness of Ruby




It is thought that Ruby is related to the sun and similarly considered to be a hot stone. Sun is a very important symbol in our life, stated to exude vitality, peace and nurturing powers, which is why folks believe ruby heals many sicknesses and lifts you up from the doldrums of daily life.

A ruby’s worth is determined by its color and clarity and defined by its hardness and density. Most people mistake ruby for stones like garnet, tourmaline or spinel as these three stones have some similarities to ruby but they can only be used as substitutes for rubies. In order to grasp the complete advantages of rubies, you must ensure to buy a real one than a synthetic one. There’s a parade of fake rubies in the market, you must confirm the originality of the ruby you’re purchasing from the jeweler to guarantee you are picking the real one. 

If you cannot afford a ruby, you might be interested in something that owns the same attraction. We recommend our beloved Dreamy Sunflower Red Garnet Ring and One Step Ring for satisfying your gem yearnings.

The finest source of Ruby is found in Burma “Myanmar,” but rubies are derived from India, Pakistan, Macedonia, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Greenland as well.


The Uses, Properties, and Benefits of Ruby




Ruby is seen as a mark of nobility and is craved and kept by many. It is a definition of preciousness that combines all foundations of the goodness of soul and helps to counter your weaknesses with strength. 


Energy and Life




Rubies imbue lively qualities and assist you to counteract lethargy, inactivity, boredom, and exhaustion. It is not the stone for the lazy since it inspires you to spring to life and immerse yourself in meaningful activities that not only benefit your body in the long run but keeps monotony out of the way. This stone is supposed to have intense inner powers to motivate its wearers to try new things and be out of the ordinary. It doesn’t turn you into a fool of hyperactivity, instead, pulls you to have balance and a sense of routine in your life.


Love and Relationships




It is thought to spread undying love between two lovers and happens to be the most sought-after gift or gemstone for weddings and Valentine’s Day. Its fiery exterior is not for admiration alone, rather it brings forward the meaning of this gemstone which is related to Life and Death both. It is a gemstone fueled by a passion that evokes feelings of compassion between two partners and encourages them to commit for life.


A Personality Polisher




Rubies tend to polish your brain to be more alert, sharp and in focus of the past and the present. It carves out your personality and gives the wearer an image of both dynamism and mystique. This gemstone promotes a positive attitude towards life, aids you to set healthy, realistic goals and makes you stronger during the phases of disputes, controversy, and physical attacks. With this stone, you’ll feel loved, more in control of your life and shielded against negative influences.


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