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Six Jewelry Pieces for Transitioning Into Fall


It’s time of the year again – when you put your summer clothes away and bring out those comfy sweaters, scarfs, mufflers, and warm whatnot! The fall season is a great interval to experiment with your wardrobe, jewelry, and your makeup because who likes to ditch being super-preppy in this romantic and breezy season? It’s crazy how a statement jewelry piece can completely transform your clothing. Moreover, an addition of jewelry is ultimately important to bring vital changes to your appearance. That’s why we’ve decided to engage you with current jewelry trends and how they help you make the best of autumn.





Simply, the term “Choker” sends excitement down every girl’s spine – merely because they’re cool as hell and look attractive on almost everybody. With chokers, you don’t really have to choose, any good piece will look fabulous with your dress choices. Though, when it’s fall, we highly recommend you to go for warm tones or a classic black choker for instant appeal and style.





Yes, rings! They never go out of vogue and you can layer as many as you like. Ring piling is a huge trend these days and doesn’t seem like wavering anytime sooner – so hoard on Gals! Your ring selections can be of any color theme and size, there aren’t any restrictions. We personally love females who are digging for bohemian vibes because they’re just so smoldering hot. However, if Boho is not cut out for you, pay over a glance to our graceful Four Diamond Cirque Band. This one’s a keeper, for sure!





Ah, hoops! We remember churning out the best pieces for High School but the fashion went out of style for some time. Now, it’s back with a bang in a chunkier form and doesn’t seem likely to disappear too quickly. If you are a lover of hoops, it’s better to opt for embellished ones, since, elaborated hoops are receiving a lot of hype. Though, it all relies on personal taste and we aren’t here to force you into anything. If you want to trail along the modest route, our Cleopatra Star Hoop Earrings will certainly become the apple of your eye.





Trust us – Cuffs look tremendously sexy and there’s no better way to put it. It takes only an iota of common sense to realize that only one statement jewelry item can allow you to become armed for fall – without any inclusion of unnecessities, and cuffs are perfect for that!  Our Coffee Gold Rhinestone Cuff is hands down, the only item you need to set a fashion mark this fall!





Statement pendants are definitely shining these days, whether on the ramp or on our Instagram feeds – women are getting a lot of use out of them. It’s a fact that giving up on delicate pendants is hard but if you wear just one statement pendant, your fashion needs would be fulfilled. Pave and celestial styled pendants are really famous and can be easily layered with chokers. However, our Eve Orange Rhinestone Pendant with Black Wax Rope is setting the heartbeats high, due to its gem-packed allure (which is another big trend nowadays.) You must grab one before it goes out of stock!





No need to conceal the yawn with your hand. Believe us, pearls have received a style trimming and their comeback is better than ever. Try the current statement pearl jewelry and you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with pearls. Though, we’re totally heart-emoji eyed at Azura’s Pearl Allure Ring, we find this ring to be a rarity in its own skin!


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Products mentioned: 1. Cleopatra Star Hoop Earrings  2. Four Diamond Cirque Band  3. Pearl Allure Ring  4. Eve Orange Rhinestone Pendant with Black Wax Rope  5. Coffee Gold Rhinestone Cuff


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