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Six Summer Fashion Trends 2017 That We Loved

Six Summer Fashion Trends 2017 That We Loved

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends have been blinding the eye with their plethora of bright colors and an 80’s appeal to them but we don’t care because summer is an upbeat season that invites for a fresh pop of color. During the Paris Fashion Week, we saw mix and match of just every style that was carefully molded into one to create something new. To get the gist of trends, see what entered our list.


The Mainstream Color




Yellow, Yes! We chanced upon fifty shades of yellow theme because the color yellow was largely worn around the ramp and got in the books of the most popular color for this season. However, if you do not like yellow, you can simply opt for blues or pinks because the main idea is to wear lots of it or merely all of it! Bright colors were worn without any girlish details, the cuts were straight and plain but the colors were blazing. To add style to a bright outfit, choose our Dainty Flower Ring because it’s feminine and not sort of in your face.  





Try to envision the kind of stripes you’d like to wear when heading out to a beach. Well, we spotted stripes that were extremely beachy-looking and had these light seaside vibes going on. This turned out to be quite a favorite of ours, since, it shouted of summer! We’re sure once you are swathed in this fashion with a straw hat and some cool sunnies, you’ll knock off some dudes with your coolness!


80’s Feels




Earlier, we mentioned the 80’s vibes coming back and yes, we got to see a lot of nipped waists, wide, puffy shoulders and some archaic colors including lots of khaki. Though, the 80’s style doesn’t quite fit in for day wear but for evening silhouettes, we met with some fabulous designs, especially that came with sexy hemlines. You can perfect your 80’s look with our Faye Dangle Earrings since crystal earrings were rocked by almost every model, plus don’t forget sky-high stilettos to complete the look.


The Single Cutout Shoulder



One-sided shoulders were quite a rage during the Paris Fashion Week and trust us, we totally fell for it. There’s just something so bewitching about baring one shoulder particularly if you are heading to a classy party. The shoulder peek cuts were placed in a way to acquire all the focus. So, if you are planning to don this trend, be certain to sweep lots of highlighter on your naked shoulder.


Top to Toe Florals




When it comes to florals, we simply run away from packing it on from head to shoulder, since, we believe we’ll end up looking like clowns but it was rather a different sight on the runway. We were enchanted how designers gave a distinct and more polished look to florals. There was nothing ditsy about the head to toe floral fashion trend, instead, it felt like a breath of fresh air for those folks who are all about florals. If you want to wear florals but with an edge to them, trust our Shining Star Bracelet to provide you that. 


Less Is More



We had to give a big round of applause when we encountered minimalist designs being worn by the models. Several outfits came with earthy tones and simplistic cuts that completely put our mind at rest because we are all about the minimalism. The minimalist approach was all about lavenders, light brick pinks, and fawn shades. If you are a fan of such colors and cuts, you should definitely watch out to get something alike for your summer wardrobes.