Six Tips To Accessorize Your Bridesmaids

Once the bridesmaids’ dress shopping is done, the question arises “what kind of accessories to choose for them?” Accessories add those lasting touches to tie the whole look together, no matter if the bridesmaids’ are dressed in identical or non-identical clothes. From jewelry, bags, hairpieces to shoes, everything can be selected to meet the combination of the bride and groom’s outfit, whether you want to pull a simple, modern or a monochrome look. Read our article below on how to bring your theme into the bridesmaids’ accessories.


Work With A Theme




If you’re a stickler for matching, you can set yourself up a dress theme and give the bridesmaids’ jewelry that will go along with it. For example, if you will be wearing a glittering tiara or a headpiece, your bridesmaids’ can each wear a similar hair clip. If you’ll be donning a chunky pearl necklace, they can put on similar single pearl strands, pearl earrings or pearl bracelets for a unifying approach. Or if you’re putting on a lace wedding dress, they can carry personalized lace clutches.

The whole concept is to work with a theme and accessorize bridesmaids’ in a way that complements your entire wedding idea, not overshadow or look incompatible against your attire. Our Solitaire Pearl Ring can be a peacemaker if you’ve thought of organizing that “pearly” wedding.


Give Accessories As Presents


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Giving accessories to your bridesmaids’ as gifts helps you to see the bigger picture! How? Well, you can be as quirky, creative or open-minded with the presents as you like. For example, what about pom-pom earrings for the bridesmaids’? And they’ll be reminded of your wedding each time they’ll wear those earrings again. 

Think of creating a happy memory, something you and your bridesmaids’ can live by as time goes by and that can only happen if you share some out-of-the-ordinary jewelry pieces as gifts with them. Apart from that, if they’ll be wearing mismatched dresses, identical jewelry items will assist to unite the look. Our Weavers of Destiny Spider Earring Threaders Rose Gold would definitely sort out your hunt for slightly bizarre jewelry.


Less Is More




Opt for the minimal option and ask your bridesmaids’ to ditch accessories altogether except for a simple chain, a floral hairpiece or plain ear studs. If the bridesmaid dresses are already busy with iridescent details or sparkly accents, added accessories will be just too much.

Less is certainly more when it comes to accessorizing your bridesmaids’ because it doesn’t only develop a harmonious atmosphere, but keeps them from looking heavily done! Choose our Moonstone Teardrop Studs as the perfect getaway for the less is more style.


An Accessory Get-together




How about planning a meeting with your bridesmaids’ in a jewelry or a charm store where they can make over their own identical or non-identical accessories? Moreover, your bridesmaids’ will likely feel more inclined to wear pieces they’ve all chosen on their own but under your presence. Though, if you still fail at finding suitable pieces, visit a store and make them yourself to gift to your bridesmaids’. Personalized bridesmaid presents are the best in our opinion and will make bridesmaids’ feel more special.


Be Kind And Considerate




Accessories are not limited to jewelry alone and your bridesmaids’ will be bearing up with many expenses, think (dress, travel, bag, gift, bachelorette party and more) on their own. Show some mercy and lighten their load by doing something on your own. For example, if you’re having a boho or a beach wedding, let the hairstylist do the bridesmaids’ hair in flower hairstyles for free. Don’t show them an expensive pair of sandals to buy, either look for a cheap version all by yourself or share a color theme for the sandals they can afford in their own terms.


Cut Yourself Some Slack




You can cut yourself some slack and allow the bridesmaids’ to select their own accessories, particularly if they’ll be arriving in the same dresses. This will not only let their personality come out individually but they’ll feel more confident with their familiar choices, on the contrary, less effort for you! Of course, you can establish some guidelines on whether to stay with metals or stick to pearls or ask your bridesmaids’ to wear earrings only.


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