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Six Ultimate Tips to Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring


What’s merrier than tying the knot with your sweetheart? But keep in mind it actually comes with a cost and it is better to make your investment worth it. Yes, we’re talking about Engagement rings! It is not every day that you get to choose rings for a lifetime but whenever you do – make certain it represents your choice and complements your hand. Whether you are on the hunt for one yourself or dropping hints of your dream ring to your partner, your priorities should be straight and clear without causing remedial issues in the future. Read below to find your perfect engagement ring!


Take Inspiration




Browsing the web is the best way to find inspiration for the kind of sparkler you want. It can consist of random Google “Engagement Rings” research or to be more precise, there’s nothing more excellent than seeking help from Pinterest – a wonderful board of ideas. Investigate the kind of stones, cuts, and styles you prefer and save your favorites to a Pinterest board for consultation later.  However, if you’re still stuck for motivation, take a look at our Instafeed which is flooded with ring creativeness that will surely have you punching the air.


Go with the C’s




The term Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat is the ideal quartet you need to live by while finding your desired engagement ring. The word “color” might go against the thought of buying diamonds since diamonds are considered D grade which refers to their colorless state. Cut relates to the definitive shape of the diamond and the exact setting of the facets which is highly crucial for determining the beauty of the stone. Clarity speaks about the additions and flaws in the diamonds and lastly, Carat is entirely linked to the overall weight of the diamond (though, it isn’t a major factor to gauge the value or brilliance of diamonds.)


Determine Hand Shapes




Yes, you might give your hand the least of concentration but it is a very important subject to consider.


  • Wide Hands: If your hands are wide, a ring that covers a large part of the width of your finger will be a good choice. Wide hands allow for wearing big statement rings since they tend to pull attention away from the broadness of your hand. Anything big with an unusual shape (think pear, oval, or heart), roundish, squarish or simply “cluster rings” would suit you.


  • Dainty Hands: If your hands are delicately small-esque, something thin and exquisite-looking will be your best bet. Something in the lines of a princess cut, a round shape, a petite diamond ring with diamond side stones or classic solitaire ring would look dazzling.


  • Long Fingers: You’re lucky if you are blessed with long fingers since it implies that you can try a bunch of different designs. Anything looks fabulous on long, fine fingers specifically a three-stone ring or a ring that lies horizontally across your finger. You can be as diverse as you want. Just make sure your prized possession looks fab at the end of the day.


Metal Quality and Color




Your skin undertone is a prime factor to decide which metal color suits you but it all comes down to personal preference as well.  It’s your turn to put forward a judgment for the type of metal color you want. Rose Golds and White Golds are really huge since the previous year but who knows you might have a huge fancy for yellow gold too! As we said, “It’s all about personal liking.” If your daily jewelry pieces tend to be silver, platinum would be the correct pick for you particularly if you’re going to don the ring every single day, plus platinum is the most recommended metal by jewelers because it lasts for a lifetime. Our Center of the Universe Ring maybe just the thing you’re searching for.


Divulge In History




Have you forgotten your history? It’s time to explore your family heirlooms or seek real-life Inspo from your mother, sister, friends, cousins, co-workers, or family members’ engagement rings – not strangers, obviously. Most of them might even let you try their rings and it would be a genial way to ease into the prospect of shopping.


The Hint Parade




After all the hunting, you must be wondering about the subtlest way to let your dear one know what you want. Well, the cleverest method would be to share your wishes with your mother, sister or best friend because your would-be fiancé would definitely contact them one way or another for an insight on your likings and they may let the cat out of the bag. Or you can stick to the “coy accident” by leaving your secret Pinterest board, open on your laptop – he’ll surely get the point.


Our Message


That’s it for now, Folks! We hope this post helps you in the long run and acts as a stress buster against your engagement ring dilemmas. If you wish to read similar content, hit our subscribe button and be in the know of latest jewelry and lifestyle content.


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