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Summer Accessories You Need To Live In

Summer Accessories You Need To Live In

Have you got all your essential summer accessories sorted out yet? What! No? Where have you been, Girl? Summer might make you the laziest bum on this earth especially with all the unbearable heat and sweaty body but it sure means to grab the comfiest of clothes and enjoy the little breeze there is! Even if it is scorching outside, you can still manage to look dope with the coolest and most important summer accessories we’ll introduce to you today. Do or die is our vibe and we’re definitely going to make you learn how to do it with style!


Basics - The Ultimate Saviour




It’s hot and your mood is so not, we get you Girl! Come on, pull yourself together with minimal effort and basics are a great choice to do exactly that. No need to head out with a thick coat of makeup, incredibly polished hair and your most glamorous outfit ever. Simply a white tee, blue denim jacket, a pair of blue jeans and nude flats can save you tremendously from looking like a mess. Put your hair in a bun and for an extra pop of “I do not care but cannot help it”, choose our The Journey Of Life Layering Necklace for those last minute yet totally transforming touches. 




Woven Hats



Nothing shouts Summer more than over-sized straw/woven hats! Whether you’re heading out to the farmer’s market, beach or just wish to loiter around with your buddies, straw hats are massively in and definitely a must-have for your summer wardrobe. Also, straw hats tend to save your skin and hair from the damage caused by the harsh sun rays. Oh, it conceals your tangled poof of hair as well! Fashion with protection sounds good, doesn’t it?


Get Your Sunnies On




From Dismay to Slay, what wonderful miracles sunglasses can do for you! We personally adore slightly tinted sunglasses than the normal black ones because they look cooler. Choose from Aviator, cat-eye to over-sized styles, and you’ll certainly bring the house down! Make sure they’re shady, reflective and wholesomely sexy because summer demands variety.


From Totes, Shoulder bags to clutches




There are no hard and fast to pick bags for summer and mostly personal taste comes into play. But when temperatures are at peak, one naturally feels the need to lighten their load or precisely go hands-free. If that’s the case, small shoulder bags and clutches can help to minimize your choices. Not only you’ll be able to carry less but you’ll be able to maintain less too. Opt for neutrals or pastels because such colors never go out of vogue.






Fragile, lightweight summer scarfs can be just the thing you need to add a pop of color and elegance to your outfit. Remember our basics section above? Well, a bold colored scarf can definitely brighten up your blue denim outfit, either you don it like a belt or around your neck in a knot. Scarfs in light materials like cotton or silk are fabulous for handling and last through nearly all seasons. Bonus points for the fact that scarfs serve as a cover-up at the beach and as a beautiful hair accessory as well.


Strappy Sandals Or Wedges




Summer isn’t complete without showing off dainty feet with some fun sandals, after all, we believe in - kill em’ with cuteness! Wedges are the ideal fit between high heels and summery flip flops, plus not to forget how they’re a flawless mix between informally formal! Whether you’re wearing ruffle wrap cami dress or a simple sundress, wedges look beautiful on anything and everything. Either you are going for a stroll or happen to visit a park, put your best foot forward and appear like the babe you are.


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