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The Biggest & Best Jewelry Trends of 2019

We don’t know about you but new trends put us in a moment of frenzy for real since it’s something to look forward to year by year. And follow what goes well with your fancy! Despite the dainty “everyday” jewelry craze gracing our Instagram feeds in 2018, 2019 is much more about making a statement with models walking the runaways in all kinds of colorful and befitting “Big” pieces: Think hoops, charms, pearls, chains, and chunky bracelets. 

A few of these trends might go against your comfort zone but something like “mix & match” exists to get the best of both worlds. Catch up on the latest jewelry trends of 2019 we’re totally digging!


Hair Barrettes & Bobby Pins




Whether its barrettes and bobby pins festooned with pearls, quirky logos or gemstones, every bit of it screams fun that is easy to achieve. You can relive your childhood years on the button with such accessories to have front-swept or side-swept hair - even you can use them to secure your chignon in place. No! These won’t look comical if put-upon the right way.


Drop Earrings




Uh-uh, 2019’s drop earrings aren’t the dainty ones you’ve been donning the previous year. These weigh good and appear surprisingly gorgeous against your precious earlobes. Most of them are either tied to gemstones, crystals, big pearls or stones that grab attention without hesitation. Not to mention the statement they make!


Precious Stones & Colored Enamel




It’s time to switch over from your Rose Gold Shell to precious stones and colored enamel jewelry pieces because like we said: “2019 is all about color.” You’re meant to make heads turn, not causing a “meh” situation out there. Birthstones won’t work here - it’s time to be different and completely unexpected!


Celestial Jewelry




Celestial jewelry is around the clock with heavenly planetary pieces. It is a true gifting trend to add some major bling to your life in the name of moon, stars and sunburst signs we all find adorbs! To take the taste of this come-back, try our celestial earrings, bracelet and necklace.






Well, neck mess is here to stay and we’re sure every one of you enjoys layering every day. But necklaces are no longer fine, versions with charms, celestial signs or those including pearls, thick chains, and beads are so in! Make thick and thin placements with more meaning and you’re pretty much good to go!






Flowery jewelry isn’t going anywhere whether you opt for delicate flower studs or tiny flowers pendant looped together. This trend seems beautiful enough for everybody to sport especially since Spring’s is here and warms up about any outfit. Our Australian Opal Daisy Ring is nice, to begin with!


Our Message


In the end, it all comes down to personal choice and we’re certain one of these might have caught your eye. 2019 brings forward an “unreserved” approach towards jewelry and you should embrace it to shed comfortable for a more “playful” attitude. Till next time - Goodbye!















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