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The Low-down On Gold Vermeil, 10K & 14K Gold! Who’s Better?

A very common question that we get asked a lot of times. For us, the answers are normal, we know them, but for you, the consumers, well, they easily get confused. However, today we’ll break down to you what these terms mean and how knowing them would simplify your jewelry shopping process and your misconceptions about a certain gold item. 


Let us clear you that nobody’s blind to the sky-high prices of real Gold, yes we’re talking about Pure 24k Gold. That is why, 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold has been introduced as alternatives. We, for one, assure you that whichever gold jewelry item you buy from us will withstand wear and tear for years to come. Now, let’s move on to the real discussion.


Gold Vermeil


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Gold Vermeil, refers to jewelry containing a Silver base that is plated with Gold. Gold Vermeil, in another term, is known as “gilded silver.” Vermeil is a French term and pronounced as “Ver-may.”


The Process Of Making Gold Vermeil 


Gold Vermeil is crafted from “nickel-free” sterling silver and coated with a thick layer of gold, amounting to 2.5 microns or to be precise, 10 karats (42% approx. of gold content.) That being said, this is the required layer for it to be termed and approved as “Gold Vermeil” in the USA. And this entire procedure is known as “electrolysis or electroplating.”


The Durability Of Vermeil 


The thicker the plating, the longer vermeil will last. The good thing about vermeil is that it uses nickel-free sterling silver as the base, which means it is free of elements that will cause any skin reactions or allergies. In case, a manufacturer uses different metal as a base particularly those containing nickel must be disclosed by the manufacturer as such. 


Also, Gold Vermeil has superiority over those gold-plated or gold-filled items that incorporate cheap, low-quality metal as their base. With proper care, Gold Vermeil jewelry lasts a long time.


10K And 14K Gold


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10K and 14K Gold refers to the number of karats (the purity measurement of gold content) included or, simply, a proportion used that makes up 10K and 14K Gold - that is the main difference. 


10K includes 10 percent of pure gold with 14 percent of other metals, for example, copper, silver, zinc, etc. Gold itself is a very soft metal and the higher it is in an item, the more prone it is to scratches, wear and tear, compared to items containing a lesser amount of gold. 


14K consists of 14 percent of gold with 10 percent of other metals. Now, you know that 14K includes more gold content than 10K



The Debate - 10K Or 14K?


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Those who don’t know much about jewelry will automatically presume that 14K is better than 10K because it has a higher percentage of Gold content. Yes and no, we’d say, because like we said, Gold is a soft metal and to increase its hardness and durability, it must be mixed with other metals. 


is better because it has a lower percentage of Gold but a higher percentage of other metals which makes it harder and more resilient than 14K, moreover, less sensitive to wear and tear, and bending. Not to mention, it is cheaper than other gold alternatives, so people are getting bang for their buck. 



We have recently introduced our 10K Gold Jewelry Collection and there are some pieces you won’t be able to resist.


The Final Say On 14K




However, we cannot say that 14K does not have some advantages over 10K,  in fact, if you’re seriously concerned about allergies due to the high amount of “varying metals” in 10K, you should turn to 14K as it has more gold content that is less likely to cause a reaction than a 10K piece. 


Also, 14K pieces have a better gold color quality than 10K. And if you take depth of color that importantly, 14K will attract you much more. But, in the end, we’ll always advise you to compare both the 10K and 14K pieces before making a final decision. 


Also, we have our very own 14K Gold Jewelry Collection live too and the designs are unreal!



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